Finally! My Kids are in Their Own Beds – All Night!

I recently moved all the kids back to their room. Logan and Lila had slept in there regularly and Scarlett had been in our room, but with the end of summer and the onset of monsoon and cooler weather, I felt it was time to get them back to their own room.

One change was that Scarlett would be there too. Now that she was weaned and sleeping in her own bed through the night, I felt she was ready to move. I know I was ready for it. Ha. So I packed up the small crib all my kids slept in as babies, and Scarlett began sleeping in the larger toddler crib that Lila had been using.

It began well, with all of them staying in their own beds at night, but by the end of the first week, Logan and Lila began sneaking into our bed again. The reason wasn’t so much that they wanted to be with us, but that they were hot. Even though it was cooler, nights were still 29 deg.C. I wanted to put the AC on for them, but I wasn’t sure if they’d be ok with a nightlight and the door closed.

But I knew the only way to keep them out of my room was to keep them in theirs, so I introduced the nightlight. They were hesitant until they saw that they could see well in the room, once their eyes adjusted to the dim light, of course. They loved it, and from that night on, they have not only stayed in their room, but they have also all slept through the night! Success!

Now that the rain is actually here (it was late this year), nights are closer to 22 – 24 deg.C., but I still use the AC. The fan doesn’t cover the whole room so having the AC on and the fan off ensures a cool (but not cold) room, and a better nights sleep for them all.

I still find myself waking up several times a night, out of habit, and I sometimes run to see if any of them are up but they are always sleeping soundly. I wanted to sleep all night myself, but now I have decided to use the time to work on night potty training for Lila. Tonight is her first night without a diaper. Let’s see what happens.

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