Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza

When it comes to cooking, I am all about shortcuts and easy-to-make meals. I especially dislike spending a lot of time on something that my kids end up hating, mainly because I hate cooking. I would gladly hire a chef if I could afford it. But since I can’t, I force myself to 1. find easy meals that my kids (and hubby, he can be pickier than them) will eat without complaint, and 2. find the shortest way to make them.
This pizza is quick to put together and cooks rapidly in the microwave. I begin by thawing the crusts. These are the only size I can find here, about 7″ across, but they are the perfect personal pizza size. I buy these in packs of two and freeze them ’till I plan to use them. For the 5 of us, 4 pizzas are just right. Oh, they are precooked.

Next I top each one with sauce. You can either buy a readymade sauce, or make your own like I do (only because pizza sauce is hard to find here and is super expensive when I do find it). To 200 ml. of tomato puree I add a heaping spoonful of garlic paste, a pinch of sugar, Italian seasoning (lots!!), and salt and pepper to taste. Mix it all together and spread generously on the crusts.

Next, top with salami or your choice of meat. I buy a roll of it that is sold frozen so it keeps. I just put it to thaw at the same time as the crusts. The beauty of making individual pizzas is that you can personalise the toppings to the palate. If you don’t like the ingredients I’m listing, simply use your personal favorites or what you know your children will eat. I don’t prechop the salami; I just slice it over the crusts.

Next comes the veggies. I use onion, spring onion, green peppers and mushrooms. I love it with pineapple, too. Often I’ll just put the meat and cheese for my kids since I know they will pick the veggies off anyway, and for hubby I add green chilies since he loves his food spicy.

The final topping is a generous covering of grated cheese. I love cheese so I like to combine different ones. Don’t bother grating the cheese in advance. Simply hold your grater over the pizza and grate until you have enough.

I use the microwave to cook them, but an oven could easily be used as well. You could get them all done at once on a cookie sheet. Since I don’t have an oven, I put them one at a time in the microwave. I use the bake setting and it cooks them at 350 degrees. I find that six minutes is enough. The cheese is melted, sauce cooked, veggies still slightly crunchy but done.

Remove and allow to cool for a minute before plating and slicing.

And here are two of my finished products. The are just the right size to fit on a plate and are quite filling as is, at least I can only eat one.

Slice and serve.

The total time it takes me to make these is about 30 min. from start to finish. I often serve them for dinner but they would make a great lunch too. This is also a recipe that is easy enough that your children could help you make it.

What is your favorite quick meal that your children will always eat? Share it with us.

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