This Week

Ok, I know it’s been a while, but I have some good excuses. Number one is that I was just feeling a little lazy and didn’t feel like posting, and number two is that, when I did want to post, Glad had claimed the laptop to rewatch all his favorite scenes from The Avengers – yet again.
And while those excuses are true, the real one was that my glasses broke and I couldn’t see the screen unless I was 6 inches from it, so I hardly used the computer at all last week. I finally got them on Saturday.
What do you think of them?

My last excuse for not posting was that I got numerous reports from readers that this blog was showing a malware warning and I was rather lost as to how to fix it. I finally got some help from Blogger and it seems to be clear now. If you are one of the ones who saw the warning before, tell me if it is gone now.

So getting my glasses was the first highlight of last week. The second, and possibly greater, highlight was that the children moved back into their room for nights and Scarlett has joined them.

No, we haven’t painted yet, sadly.

 As I explained in last year’s post on the same topic, we moved the kids into our room at night during the summer because of the need for the AC and them not wanting to be alone in the dark. Our room is a little weird; it has a window at the ceiling level facing the living room, so any light on in the house shines through. Thus it is never completely dark.

Also, Glad’s mom spent two weeks with us and she used the kids’ room instead of the guest room because the guest room doesn’t have an AC. This summer was the hottest on record for the past 8 or so years. It sure felt like it. So while she slept there, the kids slept with us and my room looked like this every morning.

On Saturday I packed up the crib so that Scarlett would see that the other crib that Lila had been in was now hers. Here is how my room looks now – right now, as a matter of fact. I meant to get a pic during the day with the bed made but I forgot and today I didn’t make the bed or do much of anything because Scarlett has a cold and wanted to be carried most of the day.  But you can see how it looks without the crib. We also got this new bed recently and it has glass side tables. Yet another reason to move the kids out.

Do excuse the mess.

 So since Saturday night, all 3 have been back in their room since nights have been cool enough to sleep without the AC’s. I got Scarlett used to the new bed by putting her into it for naps the whole previous week.

I don’t understand how she is comfortable in these weird positions.

 Lila’s new bed is the trundle from Logan’s bed. We knew the day would come when the 3 of them would be in this room, so when the two beds were offered to us by some friends we took them. We didn’t need the extra one at the time, but since it tucks under the larger one, it was never in the way.

Yes, those are all hers. She loves cuddle toys.

 From the first night, Scarlett has slept well in her new bed. Since about two weeks ago, she has been sleeping through the night all night, every night. Last night was the first night she woke crying but I think it was the cold bothering her. Logan has been taking longer to go to sleep at night and coming into our room and sneaking in next to daddy. I move him when I find him, but he is the hardest to keep out since he slept with us the longest and loved it.

These were taken at nap time recently.

Unfortunately I have yet to sleep through the night. One or the other of them wakes me, and these past few nights since they moved I feel I’ve been waking up more. One night out of tiredness I forgot to put a diaper on Lila and had to change her and the bed at 4 in the morning. She is still wearing diapers at night as she wets a lot and isn’t quite ready for nighttime training yet.

So I’m happy to have space in my room again and fewer bodies in my bed. It has felt weird to wake up with just us there (most mornings; Logan has been there once or twice) but at the same time there is a feeling of freedom. I just hope I will soon be able to sleep through the night myself.

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  1. That's a gorgeous picture of you Mercy!

  2. I love the new glasses and I love it even more that I can post to your blog again!


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