Visit to the Zoo

Today we took the kids to the Vandalur Zoo, India’s first public zoo. It is a massive place, too big to see in one go, especially with little kids walking, though daddy was the first to want to leave. Ha.

We rented a battery car, like an oversized golf cart, and he took us to the major attractions, though there were many cages he didn’t go to. I would have liked to have spent the day and walked over the whole place, and Logan and Lila would have too, but Nana could only walk so much and daddy doesn’t have patience for long outings, so we had to head home long before the kids were ready. Logan cried when we left and begged to stay longer. I guess I’ll have to take them to the small zoo that is in town and take our time, though it has fewer animals.

There isn’t much to say about the trip. Lila threw up in the car about 10 minutes into the drive, prompting Logan to cry for the rest of the trip about how scared he was. He gets scared of vomiting, why, I have no idea. We had lunch in the car that I made in the morning – salami sandwiches, carrot sticks and apples.

I still can’t get over the size of some of the animals, the porcupines especially.You can’t truly appreciate an animal’s size until you see it up close. We only saw the elephants from a distance, and Logan was distraught because we wern’t there at the time when they give rides. He really wanted to ride an elephant. Maybe next time.

You can see photos from the day here. I only have my phone camera so the animal ones aren’t so good.

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  1. Today is the 9th for us as I write, I find our difference in time frame, strange! I'm happy that you made it to the Zoo & I hope you have some pics.Encourage the children that there will be another time for going to the Zoo. Enjoy your time with Nana, I'd like to meet her. LU Mom


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