Falling in Love

Nothing really prepares you for seeing your child for the first time. I had been asked to sit in the waiting room while my wife labored alone in the women-only labor room. At some point she had begged for me and her doctor let me in.

I held her hand and tried to imagine what a contraction felt like. Her face contorted into a grimace of pain as she squeezed my hand harder than I thought was possible. Then I was asked to leave.

“Sir, wake up, see your baby.”

I was tired and groggy, having been in the hospital for hours, waiting to see what was going to happen. When it was decided that my wife would need a caesarean after all, I sat in the waiting room and fell asleep.

“Hey, wake up, your baby is here.” The guy next to me grinned as he pointed to the nurse standing in front of me.

The nurse was holding a tiny, screaming bundle. “Sir, this is your daughter.”

I took the baby in my arms and her screams quieted to sobs as I spoke to her. Her red face turned pink and her ears perked up as she listened to my voice. That was all it took to quiet her. I held her close and took her to our room so she could be dressed. Then I took some pictures.

I was now daddy to a little girl. I tried hard to digest that information. Just hours earlier I only had a son; now I had a daughter too. She was perfect. She could have anything she wanted, just because she was mine. I would give her the world if she asked. Her large brown eyes stared into mine as if to say “I’m so happy you’re my daddy.”

This memoir piece is pretty much how my husband remembers the birth of our first daughter, Lila., and was written for Write on Edge‘s meme Red Writing Hood.

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  1. Awww! What a wonderful memory! I cannot believe it was a women-only labor room. That must have been so tough on you!I really love your theme and for concrit, I would offer that you delve into those feelings a little more: what must it feel like to be in a waiting room knowing your wife is undergoing surgery to give birth to your baby in the next room? Anxious? Excited? Stressed? And then to have sleep overcome these emotions… how does he feel about that? Sad? Happy?Great, great memory, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful story to share!Were you uncomfortable writing this from the male POV?

  3. This is a touching piece. I can only imagine the frustration for him having to sit around waiting with something like that. It definitely gave me a preview of how my hubby may be later this summer when our first gets here.

  4. "She could have everything she wanted just because she was mine"I teared up. Well done!

  5. Oh, that is beautiful. Such a lovely memory to capture since so often it is only moms side that is recorded 🙂

  6. So sweet. I thought you really captured the quick flow of concrete thoughts that a man would have. The sense of responsibility and helplessness.

  7. awwwww! Daddy's little girl! This was really, really sweet. POV was great.

  8. I can't even imagine how difficult the wait must have been! I think you did a good job writing from the male POV, getting inside his head. I'd agree with Barbara regarding concrit. It must have been torture to wait, not knowing, and it shows how much stress he was under that he actually fell asleep.


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