The Things We Do "Just Because"

Things we say:

Happy with her new pj’s.

“Sure, I’ll get a snack for you.”

“Water for the 20th time? Ok.”

“One more story? Why not?”

“Bottoms up.”

“Here, let me wash your hands.”

“I made you some food. Please eat it all.”

“Hold still, I’m trying to wash you.”

“Stop wiggling, I’m trying to dress you.”

“Lie still. It’s time to sleep.”

“Ok, I’ll carry you (even though you really are getting too heavy).”

Things we do:

Help a toddler up and down the slide 20 times in a row.

Wash “that plate” because he won’t eat on any other.

Let them watch “one more show” even though you said t.v. time was up three shows ago.

Pick up the trail kids inevitably leave behind them.

Hold their hands.

Wash their faces.

Middle-of-the-night toilet trips with a child who doesn’t quite wake up.

… and a million other things.

We mommies do all these things and more, just because we love our children.

What specific thing do you do for your child “just because”?

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  1. When my 4 year old has reached her limit, I carry her. Totally shouldn't but I do – sometimes it's easier than fighting her.


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