Back to School and Other News

It’s that time of year again – back to school! While most people, at least those in the notheren hemisphere, are prepping for summer holidays, for us they are almost over and school is just around the corner.

Logan has been enrolled in a new school this year. It’s too bad that the one he was in doesn’t yet have their kindergarden program in place, because I would have loved to keep him there. He loved his teachers and the program, but I guess he will learn that change is good. He begins classes on June 4th.

Lila is enrolled in the school Logan went to last year. She went there for the summer camps in April, plus, since daddy works there, she has visited many times, so she is familiar with the place. She begins classes on June 14th.

So now we have to get back into the school grove – waking up earlier, no more morning t.v., breakfast right away, getting two kids dressed, backpacks ready, snacks made and so on. I have stuff to buy, snack plans to make and so on.

While both kids’ classes begin at 9:00 a.m., Lila’s end at 11:45 but Logan doesn’t get out until 12:30. Instead of dropping her home and going back, since both schools are within a few streets of each other (and just a few blocks from home), Glad will keep Lila with him until it is time to pick Logan up. I’m sure she won’t mind extra time on the playground or looking at books or playing with puzzles and toys.

In other news, Nana Mabel (Glad’s mom) is coming to visit. She gets in early Tuesday morning. The kids haven’t seen her since Scarlett was born; only Logan says he remembers her, though Lila and Scarlett have both spoken to her on the phone regularly. Glad doesn’t have much time to take off from work but hopefully we will get a day or two with him while she is here.

Wanna see their school ID pics for this year?

He wasn’t sitting still and this was the best of 3.

I love hers.
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  1. Gorgeous photos of Logan and Lila! I read all of their reactions to the different sayings and Mom laughed and laughed. She ,as well as I, decided these two are very logical and so smart! and very entertaining, Ha!Thanks for sharing these.


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