My Morning View

Every morning the same view greets me. I wake to see beige walls that have needed painting ever since my kids decided to use them as a canvas for crayon art. A high shelf, full of books that I struggle to find time to read, stares down at me. The large orange and tan crib is stained with dirt that won’t come off no matter how many times I try to wash it. It has been chewed by all three of my babies, touched by three pairs of tiny hands, each for a longer time than the last.

The air conditioner hums as it has all night; the fan is spinning as well. The brown wooden cupboard in the corner is neatly packed with clothes. Three sets of windows ensure the room is never completely dark. Two sets are at the top of opposite walls near the ceiling – one facing the outdoors, the other our living room. Why a window was placed there I’ll never know. The other window is at a normal level and is where the air conditioner is connected.

I also wake up to three more bodies in my bed; tiny bodies that weren’t there when I went to sleep. Each has found their way to a small nook and is sleeping in a favorite position. While I may feel rather squished, it is also comforting – all my kids are in bed with me and I know they are safe.

Today I am writing memoir for Write on Edge‘s weekly meme Red Writing Hood.
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  1. What a great way to wake up! Great description too. I was able to picture your bedroom and all of it's contents.

  2. Aw! Tiny hands. Tiny bodies. A great mother's heart to keep them bundled with love. Well done!

  3. Wow. I love this view.

  4. I enjoyed how you took us around the room, noting the small things like the odd placement of the windows.And of course the snuggling in the bed! Three kids is a lot of space to borrow 🙂

  5. That was very cute and heartwarming. The ending explaining why the walls have yet to be painted, unread books and the crib.

  6. You had me at the very first line, the crayons on the walls. I flashed back to this pristine house (all taupe–floors, ceiling, walls) we bought and moved into with a newborn and a 2yo. By the time we went to bed the first night, there was a chocolate handprint on the wall. But it took another three years before Child #3 took crayon to the walls. And ours hasn't been repainted either.

  7. Oh. I love this! The tiny details you included were perfect to move the piece along and create such a touching image. I am expecting my first later this year and only hope that someday I can look back in the same way and have this same perspective. Beautiful!!!!


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