My Birthday 2012

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. Since lots of people have requested to hear about my day, I’m gonna write about it, even though it was a pretty normal day for me.

Well, I got up early as usual. I tried to sleep in, but my body clock is now stuck at 6:30 and I rarely sleep past then. So I got up and checked my mail and FB. Skipped my workout cause I was so sore from jogging at the park on Sunday. I plan on doing that every Sunday, when Glad doesn’t go to the gym; it was good but painful. Have to build up to it.

After breakfast I did my usual house cleaning, then got the kids ready to go to the mall. We were out of the house by 11. Catching an auto with all 3 of them is always an adventure. Every driver wants to help us but I have to bargan the price hard and let them know that I’m not a tourist and that I know what the rates are. Still, they try to overcharge me, just because I’m white. In their minds, white foreigner = lots of money. In some parts of India drivers still charge by the meter but here you have to haggle, always fun, especially when the driver only speaks a little English.

We got to the mall and it was still quite empty. Malls here only open around 10 or so and most of the shops open after 11. I guess they don’t get customers before then so they figure, why open?

Our first stop was Hamley’s toy shop. It is a British chain and the nicest toy shop I’ve ever seen. This time we discovered a play nook that we didn’t see before and they spent a good half hour playing, even though it was all baby toys. Scarlett found a rocking horse and got on right away. She loves the one at home (it’s still going strong, Tina) but she was all smiles on this one. Then we looked around the shop at all the toys I wish I could get them. If only.

After that we set out to find an ice cream shop; then we sat for ice cream. I got them their own bowls this time; sharing a bowl can get messy. After that we spent some time walking over the whole mall. Logan loves the escalators and wanted to go on all of them. I was wishing I hadn’t been so hasty in spending my birthday money a few days earlier cause now I had nothing to spend. I saw some clothes I would have loved to have. I am happy with what I bought ( a top, pair of shorts, and 3/4 tracks) but some of what I saw yesterday was so pretty. Made me wish I had a pile of cash. Anyway, moving on.

Around 12:30 or so Scarlett started getting tired so we made our way out and haggled with another auto driver. Scarlett fell asleep on the way home; after lunch, Logan and Lila did too. I had a short nap with them and then spent the afternoon relaxing, then folding the pile of laundry that had burried the guest bed.

Glad got home around 6:30. He cancelled his classes and stayed home for the evening. The kids were excited to see him bring a cake. For them, it isn’t truely a birthday until there is a cake, complete with candle. After it was lit, Logan looked at it and said, “How many is mommy?” Ha. They always have number candles on their cakes so seeing one regular candle made him wonder about my age. Well, the cake was small, so 34 candles would have burried it. Ha.

Logan polished off two pieces of cake before the pizza arrived, and I had to stop him from having more. He loves cake. He is the only kid at school who would request a second piece at every school party. Lila wanted all the cherries from the top and Scarlett was happy to just have a piece.

Some friends of ours dropped by for a while; they gave me a new book, “Lust for Life” by Irving Stone. It is about Van Gogh. Can’t wait to read it. Will probably begin today. Once they left, I got the kids ready for bed, put Scarlett to sleep, and then watched parts of “The Lake House” with Glad. He fell asleep early but movies always seem to put him to sleep. Went to bed around 11:40 after checking FB for all my birthday wishes and taking Logan to the toilet.

And that was my day. No, I didn’t take a single photo, so don’t ask. But I’ll leave you with this cute one from last week.
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  1. that was a good read. The books sounds promising Mercy. Let me know of your take on it. Good thing the horse is still going strong. Would love to see your pictures, you are putting in a lot of effort from what we read in your blog. Stay smiling sweetie!


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