Recent Pics and Updates

I have to share some more recent pics with you, plus some stories about the kids. These are too cute to leave behind.
Ok, first, this month the kids all got new pj’s. Usually I get them new ones about once a year, when they have outgrown their previous ones. Scarlett was the exception this time as she last got new ones for her birthday and she had already outgrown them now 6 months later. Time flies in toddler-hood. More on her in a minute.
Logan was absolutely delighted to find some with farm prints. He had requested some with ducks but since I didn’t know what was available, I told him not to get his hopes up. Well, we all know of his love for all farm-related stuff, so these couldn’t have been more perfect. And they do have ducks in addition to the other animals.


Before bed snacktime.
Girly pj’s.

Ever since I can remember, Logan has always hated the noise of the washer. He is still afraid of front loaders, probably because the one we had when he was a toddler was super old and it danced around when it was spinning and made horrible noise. But now he has lost his fear for our current machine and instead has become fascinated with it. He wants to touch it when it is spinning, puts his toys on top so they can be “washed” at the same time, and he wants to learn how to push the buttons. I asked him why he enjoys the spinning so much and he said “it feels lovely”. Ha. The vibrations feel lovely. Now does he mean in his hands or other places??? I don’t want to know.

Actually, I was surprised to hear him use the word lovely to describe it as I never use it unless something really is lovely. I think it comes from him watching mainly BBC’s kids channel CBeebees. Those Brits use lovely to describe everything.

Feeling the vibrations.
 Something else about Logan – he likes to keep track of the days of the week. Every day he will ask me “what day today is it?” but that is usually just to confirm that he already knows the day. Daddy promised to spend all day Sunday with them this week and he is counting down the days.
Scarlett is the new Little Miss Independent (not that Lila ever lost the title). She wants to sit on the dining chairs and color like the older ones. She stands on them while eating or playing, though she can’t climb down yet. Yesterday I caught her kneeling on the table, with my pin cushion in hand, pulling the pins out one by one. I keep my sewing projects there or else I forget to work on them and she is just fascinated with the pins. Of course I’ve shown her how sharp they are and she is careful, but, sorry baby, until you stop putting stuff in your mouth, pins are off limits.
She loves to get into the kitchen cabinets and pulls out all the plastic containers all day long. And she is such a daddy’s girl. She hangs onto his legs when he is trying to leave the house and laughs when he tells her to let go. Every time he sits to eat anything, she is right there and has to eat what he is eating. She begs and he can’t say no. She uses that to her advantage too.
She is also into wearing my shoes all the time. And she says no. And she gets mad and makes this real fake mad face when things don’t go her way. And she screams like Logan does. Oooh, toddler independence is here with a bang. Oh yeah, those are more new pj’s, with ducks on them. That is why Logan wanted some with ducks.
Speaking of ducks, I was recently given some quilt slipcovers that came with huge pillow covers. We don’t use quilts but the covers work well as sheets (they were cute kiddy prints), but I was at a loss for how to use the over sized pillow covers. They came from Germany so I guess everyone there sleeps with huge pillows, but we don’t.
I got the idea to use these ones to make curtains and bed covers for the kid’s room to brighten it up. As you can see from the curtains, those pillow covers were quite large. I hand stitched all those loops, too. Took some time but the end result is adorable.
What do you think?
I still have to hem the one for Lila’s bed and then they will be set. Eventually I am going to cut all the slipcovers in half and get double the amount of sheets, but since I have to hem them by hand (don’t own a machine), I will do it slowly over time. There is no rush for those.
Now all we have left to do is get the house painted. The room will look so much better then. Yes, I know I said we were going to paint a year ago but it never happened. Maybe we can get it done before Glad’s mother comes in 10 days – I hope. The guy who does all repairs and upkeep of this property is super busy so we have to see when he can fit it in.
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  1. I love the new PJs!!! They look adorable! And I'm super impressed that you were able to turn oversized pillow cases into curtains. They really do add a lot to the room!

  2. My beautiful PJ Babies! and Mommy those curtains and bed covers are so pretty! GBY love you ,are there any sewing machines being sold close by?

  3. Happy Birthday Mercy, Enjoy your day and know that you are loved by your whole family.


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