Thoughts in a Cell

You can read more about Robert here.
The echo of the heavy door slamming shut reverberated in the small cell. Robert shook as he trudged to the bench and sat, fear of what awaited him in jail rising in his heart. He should have known that sooner or later he might get caught! He leaned against the brick wall and tried to recall how he had gotten into this mess in the first place.
“Man, listen. All you have to do is drop this package at this address. That’s it. No strings attached. Once it’s dropped I’ll pay you. Simple.” Jake tried hard to convince Robert.
“I dunno, man.”
“Look, I’ll pay you up front, just because you’re my friend, ok?” Robert watched as Jake took out a wad of hundreds and began counting them off. He did need the money. Student loans were weighing heavily on him and he was currently between jobs. Yet something was making him hesitate.
Jake handed him the money and the package. “Don’t tell anyone that I paid you up front.” He lowered his voice. “I’m not supposed to do that.”
Hesitantly Robert took them. It was too late to back out now. “Ok, Jake. I’ll do it this once.”
“Thanks, man. I owe you one.”
Though he hadn’t planned on continuing, Robert found himself doing more jobs for Jake. Each involved delivering the same size package to different places and he was always paid well – too well, he thought.  He always told himself it would be the last, but whenever Jake asked, Robert relented.
“Look where it got me,” he thought. “I should have listened when my inner voice told me not to take this one.” The last drop had been at a shady-looking building that was covered in graffiti and falling apart. Even as he drove up to it, the urge to turn the car around had never been stronger. It took several deep breaths and all his courage to go in – and he had been caught! The undercover agent who had been waiting for the drop arrested him immediately.
Suddenly the cell door opened. “You’re free to go,” his arresting officer said.
“What? Why?”
“Your bail has been paid.”
Still shaking but grateful to be out, Robert determined he would never again do anything that would make him see the inside of a prison cell. Ever!
This fiction piece was written for Write on Edge‘s meme Red Writing Hood.
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  1. Consequences and choices indeed! This was good. The only think I might have added was a bit more inner dialogue, but considering it's part of a larger piece, maybe I just need to click and read more. :)Great read!

  2. I know! Those pesky word counts can be so hard to follow! I love how you show the progression of his choice to his consequence in such a short scene. Nice job.

  3. Excellent take on the prompt. An idea: instead of "the agent who had arrested him said" try "his arresting officer said"I would think that if someone posted bail it would be the booking agent or the jailor that would be releasing Robert, maybe? Just food for thought.I love that this wasn't "dark" and you ended on a hopeful note. Well done!


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