Lila’s Third Birthday is Here!

I started writing this on the 28th, but wanted to wait on the photos before posting it, and I had to wait for my friend who took them to send them to me. So it is a little late, but better late than never. Enjoy!

She’s been waiting for it, eagerly, and it’s finally here – her birthday! So it is time for a short trip through memory lane.

Lila was born on a hot day in April, 2009. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for air conditioners. I stayed in the hospital room all 5 days, and when we finally left, the heat wave that hit me took some adjusting to.

She made her first attempt to crawl at 10 weeks old. I’m not kidding. (Update: there was a post with a video of it but I’m currently not able to upload any videos so I can’t edit it.)

Her daring antics began early. See the first pics in this post.

She stood on her own at 9 months old. She started climbing then too. And she kept climbing.

Then she turned one, and grew more and more independent.

She had her first big accident.

Then she turned two.

And gave me my first big parenting fright.

She became a typical two-year-old with her naughty antics.

Well, since that point I have only done one update on her so it is time for some new stuff.

– She has gotten real naughty lately, teasing Logan and then yelling when he hits her for it.
– Her hair is super curly and so cute, but it is also now long enough to need to be tied up to look neat.
– She is getting picky with food, which is frustrating for me as she has always been such a good eater. At least my experiences with Logan getting picky last year are helping me deal with it.
– She is losing her independence, preferring to have me do for her things she long wanted to do for herself.
– She went to her first summer camp. Hopefully she got to know the teachers well enough that when she returns for school in June, she will settle right in.
–  Her birthday request this year was for a pink cake and pink doll. I couldn’t find red food coloring so there was no pink cake, but the candle, most of the gifts, the wrapping paper, and her dress were all pink. She was so happy.

So yesterday we took some cupcakes to summer camp for her birthday. It was the last day so I think it was a good end to the camps.

And tonight we had her party at home. Some friends came over and we watched “The Incredibles”, pausing it when Lila decided it was time to open her gifts and then again later when it was time for cake. On to the photos.
She had requested a pink doll and I found this adorable one.
Hair stuff, now that her hair is long enough for it.
I wanted to do a fancier cake, but she was happy with this.
She also got some pink skates, the adjustable kind that go over your shoes; a hat; some cute necklaces with matching earrings; and a children’s Bible.
You can see more pics here.
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  1. I loved her Birthday photos! Thank you for sharing them with us. Honey I just got caught up on all the news that I missed. Where there were no comments, I had not read anything. I just love every bit of it. The whole Blog makes Mother and Grandmother and Great grandmother very, very happy!We love you. Mom


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