Three Years Ago Today

Today is Lila’s 3rd birthday. Whenever my kids’ birthday’s roll around, I think about their birth and how far they have come since then.

Lila is the only one I actually had labor with. She came 10 days early, too, though I was happy for that. I was so ready to have her out! April is sooo hot here, and I was suffering heat rash and sweating all day long, not to mention the backaches of chasing a toddler and keeping him out of trouble.

5 days old, just home from hospital.

Lila has been the most advanced of my kids. She learned to climb around 9 or 10 months and hasn’t stopped since. She could get up onto my bed by using her crib as a foothold. Climbing is her favorite activity and she has incredible balance, though lately her daredevil antics have been earning her some spills – cut lip, scratches, brusies, etc. She is the one who will climp to the very top of the jungle gym and balance without holding on, do headstands on the sofa, and slide on wet or soapy floors and say she is skating. She is too daring and I’m afraid for her safety all the time. Plus, getting hurt only delays her from trying the trick again.

Balancing – on her first birthday.

Always climbing.

Lila’s hair grew super slow. It was very fine and could never hold clips, and only in the past few months did it get long enough to need to be tied up to look neat. I have never cut her hair, nor do I intend to until it is needed. Those curls are cute and I want them to last as long as possible.

Her hair at two.

Her hair now. This is my attempt to get a good pic of her curls.

This month she attended her first summer camp program and it was her first time away from mommy with people she didn’t know. She has enjoyed it so far. Actually, today is the last day and I will be taking some cupcakes over so she can celebrate her birthday will the other kids. Tomorrow we will have a party at home, when daddy can be here.

They grow too fast!

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  1. Happy Birthday!


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