Things That Make Me Smile

Just a few things that brighten my day…
Outdoor tea parties.
She has just learned to get on by herself and is enjoying the horse.
My new mop.
Pretty earrings.
Photos on display. I have more photos to frame than places to put them.
Not having to wash laundry by hand.
Exercise mat. I got 1 1/2 hours of workout this morning. Yes!
I want these!
So near, yet so far. (Yeah, they are on the other side of the wall.)
Summer is here.
And this means summer camps are happening. 3 hours of peace and quiet each morning. Ahhhh.

So the other day at the park we met a cow. All my kids love cows and Scarlett kept saying, “dao, dao”. (She is on my lap right now saying, “dats da dao”.)

We found some dried grass near the playground. Logan saw it and said, “Hay! Let’s feed the cow!” So he picked up a bunch, leaving a trail behind him as he went happily to feed the very hungry cow.

The next day, daddy was home and we went to the park together, and the cow was there again. Yes, it got more food from us.


I just found out about this meme, as it was mentioned in the comments I got below, so I checked it out and decided to link up cause I love sharing pics. This meme comes courtesy of These Little Waves.
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  1. Aww, I have tons of those pictures too -the kind that make me smile. Some are tangible, some are in etched in my memory bank. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love your landing page! The picture of all your kids walking into the distance is stunning. Do you participate in the "memories captured" linkup on Galit Breen's "These Little Waves"? Her next one starts tomorrow, and your 'dao' pictures just put me right in the mind of it!!(Visiting from Write on Edge)

  3. I've never heard of that meme but I think I will look it up. I have so many great pics of my kids that I update my header pic regularly. That one is recent from March.

  4. I'm over the moon for your focus on the things that make you smile! Love!

  5. lovely pictures! and 3 hours to yourself in the morning? jackpot!

  6. It's lovely to that you're capturing all that's making you happy!Thanks for linking up with us for Memories Captured.

  7. Ok, no kidding, new mops make me really happy as well!

  8. What wonderful things make you smile! I would so love a new mop!


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