Outing Ideas

Do you ever feel the need to get out of the house with your child but you don’t want to go anywhere that is a big ordeal or where you have to pay a huge fee? Here are a few ideas that are sure to occupy children, cost little or nothing, and are fun:
Your local pet shop – Places with animals are usually great for small children.

My three love animals.

A children’s bookstore – read a few books and maybe pick one to take home. Some children’s bookstores offer a story hour which preschoolers will enjoy.

Your local library or a children’s library – these also often have story hour, or you can just browse and borrow a few books or DVD’s.

The children’s library near our house.

Lila (10 months) enjoying the books.

The mall – go during off hours when there is hardly anyone shopping. That way your child can run and look at things without causing trouble for anyone.

Last Christmas Eve.

A toy shop – my kids love visiting the toy shop, and I always make it clear to them that we are just looking, not buying. They often point out things they like and it gives me ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts, and once in a while we do get something small for right away, like bubbles or a small toy or book.
One drawback of a toy shop is that many are very strict about children not touching the toys or playing with them and that can be frustrating since obviously that is what children know toys are for. As long as you are right there and they aren’t wildly pulling stuff off the shelves or being rough with things, it should be fine.


Ice cream shop – always a fun place to visit, especially in summer.


A park – if you are bored with the one you always go to, find a new one.

Lila and Scarlett having fun.

 Where is your favorite quick-outing place?

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