Today’s News

1. Today was Logan’s final day of preschool. That is one year of school down, 17 more to go, depending on what he chooses to study. Ha. Look at how much he has changed in the last 10 months.

First day of school, June 2011

Last day of school, April 2012

2. Today I was lying in bed putting Scarlett down for her nap, when I felt the bed start shaking. It was like a steady rhythm, and of course the first thought in my mind is “earthquake”. I got up and asked Glad if he felt it and he said no, so I laid down and it was still happening. I thought maybe I was imagining the movement or perhaps someone was using some machine that was causing intense vibrations, but then I glanced over at my necklaces that are hanging from hooks on the bookshelf and one was swinging in circles. After about 2 minutes it stopped.
Two hours later I was in the kitchen making granola when I noticed the milk in the pot on the stove was swirling around. Then I looked at the water dispenser and the water in the bottle was doing the same swirling, and I knew it was another tremor.
After that there weren’t any more, but there has been a lot of panic in the city and there was a tsunami alert out but it has now been withdrawn. We are on the coast but far enough inland that the water wouldn’t reach us, but who knows what could have happened. I’ve always had a fear of earthquakes and hope I never have to be in one.

3. I’m starving!!!

Let me explain. Over the past few months, since January, I have increased my exercise time because I have to lose weight. March was pretty good but I still haven’t lost a single ounce. In fact, just the other day I stopped in a different pharmacy from the one I usually go to and they had a digital scale. The darn thing had the nerve to tell me I weigh 79.8 kgs. !!! The other scale (analog) said only 77. Well, I still need to lose about 10 kgs. to get to my goal, but at this point, I’d be happy with losing 5, or even one. Anything!
Glad has been pushing on exercise too, and he has modified his diet to increase metabolisim, etc, (and he has lost weight, grrr) and while I am trying something similar, I can’t bring myself to do exactly what he does. After hearing my new weight, he said I just need to cut down on starch. Ahhhrrgg! Why oh why? Starch is the yummiest part of food – pasta, breads, baked goods. I have cut out sweets and rarely eat baked goods these days, but I still have too-large servings of pasta, rice and bread with my meals.
So today I decided to experiment. I had two slices of bread with my breakfast and resisted the urge to finish what the children left. For lunch I only had one sandwich instead of my usual two, and just one slice with my dinner. I had more fruit, salad, and protein than starch today … and I am starving. Probably it is because I had dinner at 7 and it is now after 11 p.m. Fighting the urge to not go stuff myself with something yummy is sooooo hard. I had a rough day with the kids (they didn’t nap) and possibly cutting out my comfort food made me crabby, I don’t know.
I often have a treat at night if I’ve had a rough day, and now I can’t even do that. This had better work, along with my increased cardio exercise, or else I will give it up.


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