Summer Fun – Parks

One of the simplest things you can do with your children is take them to your local park. Parks are great places for them to run and play safely, and being in nature is relaxing for you too. Whether you stay for 1/2 an hour, a morning, afternoon, or all day, parks are a great option when you are stuck and don’t know where to go.

Simply pack a bag with a few outdoor toys (balls, bats, frizbees, sand toys, etc.), a snack or picnic lunch, water bottle, wet wipes, disinfectant, sun hats, and anything else you might need, then go and enjoy some time in nature.

Here is a selection of photos from the times over the past few years when I have taken my kids to a few of our local parks. These first ones are from when Logan and Lila were small.

Logan at 8 months.


Daddy and Logan play together.


You can do anything at a park.

Lila at 11 months.
And some more recent ones.
Lila and Scarlett enjoying some climbing.


“Of course I can climb this, Mom!” (Scarlett at 15 months)
So if you haven’t enjoyed a park outing recently, go for it. It is great fun for the whole family.
What do you like to do at the park?
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