April Weigh-In

It feels hotter than it did two weeks ago, even though the mercury is still hovering around 34C, because the humidity has been upped. The kids have again moved into our room at night for the air conditioner. Even though we have one in their room, we are letting them sleep with us to save on electricity because the tarifs were recently hiked by an extreme 75%! Insane! I am constantly turning lights and fans off as the kids run from room to room leaving them on.
Even my early morning workouts have been affected by the humidity increase. While there is no sun on the balcony at 6:30 a.m., lately there has been no breeze either. I didn’t know I could sweat so much at that hour.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post.

Weight loss is not as easy as I had hoped it would be. While I know my body is benefiting from the exercise, I wish I could see results more quickly – like my hubby has. He has been going to the gym for all of one month and is easily getting back into shape.
I think what discouraged me was how hard it was to get consistent exercise. During Jan. and Feb., I missed more days than I got, so when March showed up and I went to the pharmacy to weigh myself (yeah, I know, I need a scale at home), instead of losing, I had gained a kilo. That upset me and I almost decided against taking my measurements, which I have been doing monthly since Jan. just to keep track of how my body is changing.
From the first of March, I started forcing myself to get exercise daily, no matter how little sleep I had gotten the night before. I figure I can nap if needed, so I was dragging myself out of bed at 6 each morning. After a few days I decided I’d better have those measurements for my record, even if there were no changes. Well, I was happily surprised to find that I had lost inches overall – 1/2 in. on my arms, 1/2 in. on my bust and 1/2 in. on my legs.
Below you can see, just to make it clear, how many days I got of exercise each month and the average time I spent each time.

January: Exercised 20 days out of 31 for a total average of 44 minutes per session
February: Exercised 14 days out of 29 for a total average of 34 minutes per session
March: Exercised 22 days out of 31 for a total average of 44 minutes per session

So far, I’ve been most consistent in March, yet I understand why the scale has yet to move. While my body has changed and I am losing fat and gaining muscle, I am not losing enough fat because I need to work out for longer time and do more cardio. I’ve been focusing on toning, and while good, it isn’t what I most need.
So for April my goals are to do at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio daily, and to get at least an hour workout every day instead of the 44 minutes I’ve been averaging so far.
Of course diet is a huge part of weight loss, and we have made some changes that are good for all of us. First we switched to using only olive oil for all our cooking. While we are paying about 3 times as much for it as we were for the sunflower oil we were using earlier, it is worth it to us. The same goes for the increased amounts of fruits and veggies we (well, at least Glad and I) are eating. The kids still only want to eat raw carrots and cucumbers; Logan especially won’t eat any other vegetables. Lila recently gained a liking for lettuce and raw spinach, and she will still eat raw onion off the cutting board. Scarlett is about as picky about veggies as Logan is, probably copying him. But I still serve them some and hope that in time they will learn to like them.
So while I have yet to lose a single ounce of weight, I do feel much better than I did back in December when I wasn’t exercising at all, and pigging out on Christmas treats. And I really hope this is the month I will break into the loss! I need it.

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  1. Do NOT get a scale. Don't do it. Instead of measuring weight, measure your gains by how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, how much energy you have. These are all better markers. Scales are not an accurate representation of your fitness level. They only serve to make people feel bad. I'm convinced of this. My philosophy is: try and work out daily and make sure most of your food is from the earth. (Processed foods are evil.) If you follow those two precepts your body will become the shape it's supposed to be. Women are naturally curvier and hormones have a way of keeping a certain amount of curve on us. It's why men have such an easy time of things. Their bodies are made hard, full of muscle. We are the life givers and so, it's okay, in fact, it's great to have a bit of softness around the edges. Good luck on your path to a healthy lifestyle. But stay away from the scale.


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