Logan’s Preschool Graduation

Logan has just graduated … from preschool. Ha. Saturday they had a cute ceremony and the children performed a song for us. To make it go faster, the ceremony was divided by classes, so you only had to attend the one for your child. That was good, because Lila and Scarlett barely made it through the short time we were there.
These are the pics I got; there will be better ones and video when it is ready in a few weeks.

Logan’s class graduates.
Getting his diploma – from daddy. That is what happens when your daddy is the school manager/principal.

Update: Here are the professional pics.

March 200


We took the opportunity to get a family photo.

We took the opportunity to get a family photo.

I took them to the park for a while afterwards.

Logan has decided that he wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up. Not surprising, since he loves animals and I’m sure he will work with animals in some way, but if being a vet is his hearts’ desire, then he’d better get over his fear of vomiting  tummy aches, cuts and bandaids.

The last two times he had cuts that had to have a bandaid, just regular old bandaids, I had to wrestle him to the ground and practically sit on him, while holding his cut out of the way, just to cover it. He was screaming the whole time, why I still don’t know. He just hates bandaids.
So I told him that vet’s have to know lots about animals that are sick or hurt and he can’t be afraid of ouchies or sick tummies cause vet’s have to face much worse. Well, at least he doesn’t have to decided on a career just yet. He has time. So far I have told him that if he wants to work with animals, he could be a zoo keeper, veterinarian  farmer, or maybe one of those guys on Animal Planet who do crazy animal stuff like Steve Irwin (miss him, poor guy). His stuff still airs here and it is great for getting kids interested in working with animals.
Though since his favorite animal is the cow, he may just turn out to be a dairy farmer.
My big boy.
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  1. My vote is in for dairy farmer! :o) At least, that's what I would want to be!I remember Lexie's preschool graduation! She seems so big and grown-up at the time. Of course, that was five years ago now. *Sigh.*


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