Summer Fun – Water Painting

This might not be what you are thinking it is, so read on. I once read about this activity in a book of things to do with preschoolers. It is simple and sure to keep them occupied.

All you need is a large paintbrush (one for painting walls), a bucket, and an outdoor area such as a driveway or balcony that is cement or waterproof.

Fill your bucket with water, then show your child how to “paint” the walls with water. As children are wont to do, this painting will probably cover more than the walls. The ground, steps, car, outdoor toys – everything will be painted. But you can rest assured that nothing will be ruined since the paint is actually water.

You may also want to dress your child in a swimsuit and not leave them fully dressed as I did. I just increased my laundry pile. Not smart. But they had a lot of fun, even painting each other in the process. I finally had to put a stop to it when they began climbing into the bucket and fighting over it.  Next time I’d better give them each their own bucket.

You could also do a mini version of this if you don’t want them to get wet by giving them a small paintbrush and a plastic cup of water. This works well with Lila as she likes working with small things, but I would never give it to Logan if I wanted him dry as he would be sure to get wet, throw the water, drink it, or dump it on someone.

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  1. This is an absolutely fabulous idea! Thank you.


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