My Thoughts on India, Part 7

You have read my rants before on driving in India and what the roads and sidewalks are like. Now another great topic has come to mind: Indian trucks.

Not all trucks are this fancy but this isn’t too extreme.
Personally I have an aversion to these trucks, possibly having something to do with the accident I was in back in 2005. The drivers act like their truck is the king of the road and they always have the right of way, no matter what.
But now I am going to show you some pictures of what trucks here often look like – overloaded. It is more common than you think. I found all of these on Google but trust me when I say these aren’t extreme cases. They happen all the time.
Overloaded to tipping point.
Trucks will be piled sky-high with anything.
Plastic water jugs.
Sugar cane. See the cow in the corner?
Can’t imagine what’s in there.
Possibly cement.
Probably something soft like pillows or mattresses.
Every truck in the line is similarly overloaded.
Steel bars.
Dried coconut shells. At least they are light.

Overloading seems to be something no one thinks is dangerous, except for me. It scares me. I don’t like it when people drive too close to my kids while out walking, or when the auto driver takes risks like driving facing oncoming traffic just so he can make a closer turn, or when the buses don’t stop when you are crossing the road, even though they have a red light.

Even though I have enjoyed my years in India, I am looking forward to moving somewhere where it will be safe for my children when they are walking and riding. But that is still a few years off so until then, road safety is a daily lesson.

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  1. I am utterly amazed. Those trucks that fell over? How do they right them?

  2. You would never see that here in America, because the fines for 18 wheelers are high. I got a few for being over weight. They just don't have rules for things like this in 3rd world countries. That is what drove me crazy in South America. I was always thinking of a better way to do it. I think it starts with re-education. Perhaps that is what the millennium is for, although I don't think they will have trucks like these poor folks have. Ha! Thanks for the photo's, Mercy, and yes, I agree with you about the safety of the children.

  3. Missy, I imagine they would get a crane – or (possibly more likely in a remote area) all the men in town with ropes, bulls, elephants. But really, I don't know.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have never seen or heard of this. I laughed out loud with the coconut shells. I can't imagine how they even get from point A to B. And then what do you DO with all that stuff? Wow. That was quite funny!

  5. These are insane. In China you see a lot of dangerously overloaded trucks too, but I've never seen any THAT bad! Crazy stuff.

  6. Wow. I have never seen anything like that. Some of those pictures were just unbelievable!!

  7. Wow – those trucks are INSANE!They would scare me as well!


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