Patience is …

“A mother’s patience is like a tube of toothpaste – it is never quite all gone.” -Author Unknown

I remember reading the above quote as a child and thinking it was funny, but now I see that it does make sense. There are so many times when I feel my patience is completely gone, and that the next  mess or tantrum will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Yet somehow, I don’t give up.

Here are some things that patience is for me.

Patience is … waiting because your little sister can’t go so fast.

Patience is…

… cleaning up that giant mess the kids made with their dinner when you thought they were eating it, without scolding or punishment, because you remember that they are just kids, and kids left unattended will make messes. (You were paying more attention to the t.v. than them so it really is your own fault they made the mess.)

… washing, wiping, cleaning, rearranging, scrubbing, polishing – every day!

… changing messy diapers with a smile, even though you are running out the door and will be late.

… answering the same question over and over, every day, without telling your child to never ask that question again.

… refolding the laundry your toddler just pulled off the shelf for the 10th time that day.

… reading the same story night after night, even though you can quote it with your eyes closed, just because your children love it.

… listening to your child repeat the same line at the same place every day and just saying, “Uh huh.”

… cooking the same food day in and day out because it is all your children will eat and you don’t want them to go hungry, even though you crave something more exciting.

… knowing where everything in your house is – every toy, book, item of clothing – so that when your child asks for something you know exactly where to tell them to look.

… enduring those little idiosyncrasies that your husband and children have, without making them feel bad about them, even though those things drive you crazy. (I’m thinking about Logan’s love of playing with doors – opening, closing, slamming, banging – yes, it does drive me crazy.)

Ok, I came up with 10. What do you think patience is? Tell us what it is for you.

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  1. Singing the same songs over and over again as you drive to the gym to workout. Songs you secretly hate.

  2. Patience is helping the "so destructive she got kicked out of Chuckie Cheeses at 2 years old" niece make a smoothie because she's excited about cooking when her mother is too busy painting her toenails.That way, I get to be the cool aunt.


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