We have a houseguest right  now, someone we know from before who is here on business. But I have a bone to pick with this person. Read on to see why.

Dear Houseguest,

I understand that the reason you wash dishes and fold laundry for me is your attempt to help since you are staying longer than planned, but I need you to stop. Your help isn’t really help if it means I have to go back and do it again since you do a poor job to begin with. I have enough to do with keeping up with my kids messes, without having to redo a job that I would have done later anyway.


Your Hostess

P.S. Used teabags belong in the garbage, not on the counter.

Anyone else hate when they have to redo a job after an adult (who should know what they are doing) has done it?

I guess in fairness I should mention this guest is male.

This is Talk to us Tuesday Linkup from Confessions from an Impulsive Addict, a meme that lets you talk about anything you want.

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  1. Wait…is my hubby staying at your house? That totally sounds like what he does…hence the reason every time he asks if I'd like help with those things, my answer is always "NO thank you." 😉Being Warrior Cat Scourge, Diamond Candle Obsession, Wine-Opoly and Chocolate Fun

  2. OH goodness! It's like thanks but no thanks. Maybe he just needs the little push that he doesn't have to help out 🙂

  3. OH NO! That's awful. Yes, I hate re-doing stuff. Even when my hubby tries to load the dishwasher, he gets it all wrong. HA!I hope your houseguest leaves soon!Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Did you forget to tell your guests that their stay, like milk, has an expiration date? I feel your pain, my in-laws stayed with us for a about a month and my FIL had very strong opinions on how I should run MY house…the end to their stay was cause for great celebration! Thanks for linking up with us, we love seeing new faces!


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