Little Joys

Summer is upon us, suddenly, overnight it seems. It isn’t yet hot enough for air conditioners but the fans are in constant motion, we are guzzling water, juice and popsicles.

When I was out shopping with the girls a few mornings ago, I picked up a popsicle mold. I had thought about getting one long ago but I think it was the heat that morning that told me to go for it. Ha. I can blame it on the weather.
Well, I brought it home and made some popsicles with the Tang I had in the fridge, and the kids enjoyed them after their nap.

Orange Tang popsicles, right next to my cold coffee.

Her first “on my own” popsicle.

What is better than one popsicle? Two, of course!

I’ve made some every day since and the kids ask for them at odd times, but I figure, why not? It is juice, they get to cool off and get some liquid in, and I get some peace and quiet for as long as it takes them to eat one. The only rule I made is that they must eat it on the balcony so I don’t have to clean drips off the floor.
Aside from orange, I have made grape and banana ones. The banana I mixed with milk and a little cinnamon so they were a little more like ice cream. Yum!

                                                         The little joys of life!

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  1. So many little joys! I am happy for you Mercy. Maybe you will need another popsicle maker just to be able to keep up ! What fruits are abundant where you live?

    • Bananas, papayas, and guavas are always in season and cheap. Seasonal fruits are grapes, mangoes, watermelons, tangerines, pineapples and berries. Apples and oranges are the most expensive fruits you can get.


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