Logan’s First Sports Day

For a few weeks now, Logan was preparing for his first ever sports day. He isn’t too good at gross motor skill coordination, and it takes lots of practice for him to get down things as simple as marching in step or skipping, for example. He lost a week of practice due to his recent sickness, so he had to focus extra hard on the last 4 days before the big day. All week I got good reports, about how he was practicing well, focusing, keeping time, following prompts, etc, and I felt he would do good at the actual event.

Ready to go.

He was on the Pooh Bear team, which made him happy. He loves Pooh.

Finally it came, last Friday, the 17th. Since he didn’t have regular school that day, he had some time to relax before leaving, and then he told me he didn’t want to participate. Well, I wasn’t about to just let him quit, so I told him we were going anyway, and I got everyone ready and out the door about 15 minutes before we had to be there. The stadium was close by so there was no rush, but going anywhere with the 3 kids hanging off of me, even to catch an auto, takes time.
We got to the small stadium and found Glad, who had been there since early morning. The other two branches of the school had been there earlier and he was needed there. He took Logan to join his class and I took the girls up to the balcony seats to watch the events.

Scarlett kept calling, “Dada, dada” every time she saw daddy down below.

Lila was not pleased that she didn’t get to join Logan and spent most of the time there sulking and trying to get me to carry her, yet I was busy trying to make sure Scarlett was safe as she wanted to look over the balcony and tried more than once to crawl through the large gaps in the rails.

Sorry they aren’t so clear. She was moving a lot.

The show started with the classes all marching around the stadium, something Logan had told me several times he had finally gotten down. It was cute to see all the children marching around, some happily, some still crying for their parents (3 to 5 year olds). Then they did a dance to a medley. Logan did his best to follow the teachers up front and copy their moves, though when the fast song came he broke out into his own steps. Ha.

This is Logan’s class. He is the one in blue on the right.

The dance. Logan is in the final row in the back.

After that the races started. Each class worked as a team in a variety of relay races. Then the winner of each class held a final relay to get the overall winner. There were four classes in each age group, playschool and preschool, so two final events. Logan got bored with waiting as his class was second to last and he kept trying to get away.
Finally it was his turn, and I watched as the other children in his class each took their turn. His was coming and all I could think was, “Logan, just do what you have to do.” Well, he decided he’d had enough of being made to stay with his class, and the moment his teacher told him to run, he did, but to the other side of the court, not on the line marked out. Oh, my! The nanny chased him down and brought him back but he ended up not participating in the relay after all, just as he had wanted. The rascal!

You can see Logan in the back trying to convince daddy that he didn’t have to join in.

Once everything was over I went to get him, and then we found daddy and the kids had a short run around the court. Lila was happy again as she had gotten to go down were daddy and Logan were. Logan did get a certificate of participation and a mini trophy, which will bring back the story of his first ever sports day when he is older, and when he hopefully won’t run away from the events.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful up-date. Logan is doing great ! The girls are so gorgeous!Wow! Mom


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