Just a few updates, ok, well maybe just two.

While the girls recovered quickly from whatever this sickness was, it hit Logan harder. He has been up and down all week – some days he just lay down and didn’t move, not eating, hardly drinking. Other days he ate a little but would then cry off and on for hours and finally throw up.
Today was the first day in a week that he has wanted to eat and has had more energy. As usual, he lost weight rapidly and I can see all his bones again. It’s amazing how fast that happens with him. Convincing him to eat during recovery is not easy as it takes him time to regain his appetite and all he wants is fruit and proteins; nothing that will make him gain weight. He is skinny as a rail and it takes him time to regain what he has lost.

The other big thing this week is that my yahoo e-mail address got messed up this week and I still can’t access it. So if you sent me something and I didn’t reply, that is the reason. My new gmail address can be found on my profile if you need it.

That’s it for now. I’m too tired to write anything more.

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  1. Thanks Mercy for taking the time to blog even though you are tired, it really is good to hear how you are doing especially through the rough times. LU Mom


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