New Stuff About the Kids

So I promised some new things about the children, to give you a break from having to listen to my rants about my weight. πŸ™‚ There is so much to say, how do I condense it?

Her first ponytail.


Let’s see: Scarlett is almost 15 months now. She is acting less and less like a baby and more and more like a toddler. She tries so hard to talk, not just words but phrases and sentences. Sometimes I sware I just heard her say such-and-such, but she doesn’t repeat it so I’m not sure. She does like animals, so it is no wonder that she is saying animal names first – cow, gekko, birdie. She has said, very clearly, “Deo da boodie” (There’s the birdie) and “dat da datdo” (that’s the gekko). Sometimes she babbles on and on, then a clear phrase will errupt. And I thought Lila started talking early!
She loves to play with her dolls, cuddling and rocking them like I have done with her. She loves to sit at the kids play table and have a snack with Lila in the morning. And she cries when I don’t let her follow daddy out the door in the morning. Going outside is a favorite activity. She often walks around with an animal or two in hand and makes a noise that is supposed to be an animal sound. And to top it off, while she likes any animal she sees, her favorite is the cow, just like Logan. She will point them out in pictures, pick them to play with, and try to moo. It’s adorable.

She told me this was a Christmas tree.

One of her favorite places to climb.

They only look cute and innocent … but I know better. πŸ™‚

Lila has yet to outgrow the getting-into-trouble phase. She still does things that make me go “arrg”, but now Scarlett has become her partner in crime, so I am facing double trouble. I can’t leave anything unattended or she will get into it. Just the other day, she dumped baby powder all over daddy’s desk and was drawing in it. I  have to lock the kitchen door or she will be in there getting into something. Oh, yes, she mixed the tea and sugar together, climbed on a stool to reach the top of the microwave (where I stick things to keep them out of her reach, hmm…), and once poured her own drink of juice, amazingly, without spilling. She loves to get jugs out of the fridge. And she dropped a bar of soap in the toilet! I didn’t bother to fish it out (it was small enough to flush). Hopefully it cleaned the pipes a little. πŸ™‚
She still sometimes pees on the floor and balcony, but will then sit and play in it and Scarlett will join her. Yuck!
She is getting more into make-believe and will play tea party with her dolls or pretend to put them to sleep. She will carry her dolls and cuddle toys around, and the other day I heard her put one down and say, “You getting too heavy.” Exactly what I say to Scarlett when I need to put her down.
She fights with Logan a lot. I spend most of each day getting them off each others backs. It is rare when they play nicely together.
She has also gotten more stubborn and resistant to discipline. She tries to get me back whenever I correct her. Hmm…gonna need a new game plan for this one.

He knows how to lead – he sits, she pushes, pulls, etc.

Every month he has a color day at school. This was white day. I love their matching look.

Logan – what can I say? He seems to be wilder each day. He is naughtier and more rascally, and gets into trouble more than he used to. He seems to think going around spitting and fake burping is fun, and he can fart on purpose.
At school he acts up when he knows daddy isn’t there. I think it is good that he will be going to a different school this year, where he won’t be familiar with the teachers and hopefully he will settle down. He is also very demanding of what he wants to do, expecting to do things right away and hating to get a no. While I do explain any nos, it is hard cause he screams before hearing my explanation, and then goes on to ask again, just after I explained why I said no. It is tiring to say the least.
When he does sometimes get along with Lila and they are playing nicely, he takes charge and demands that she do this or that, and she is quite willing to do so. He will even insist that she wash his hands and face and she will do it. He is also getting good at deligating responsibility, ie. I ask him to do something and he says, “Lila will do it.” Stinker! But on the flip side, if I ask him to do something and she runs to do it, he will cry and get mad and hit her. It’s a wonder I still have my hair and my sanity.
This month he has sports day at school. Despite much practice, he isn’t very good at some of the activities. His teachers were telling me at the recent PTV that he doesn’t know how to wait his turn in a relay race, and that when they had him go first, the rest of the kids followed him. Ha. He doesn’t want to participate in sports day, so I have been trying to talk him into it. I was telling him it is important to listen to his teacher and do what she says, and that he needs to try to do whatever it is she wants him to do. Instead, he wants to do his own sport.
And the sport he requested to do? Skydiving. Yep, they do lots of that in preschool sports days.
That reminds me: he is obsessed with flying. He keeps telling me that he wants to fly in the sky, go on a plane, etc. Last night he told me that he and daddy were going on a helicopter, as if it was really about to happen. And he has seen skydiving on t.v. and it must look like fun to him, so that is what he wants to do. The reality though, is that he would probably freak out. If at 18 he still wants to skydive, I’ll tell him to go for it. At least then he will know what he is getting into … and he can sign his own waiver. πŸ™‚

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  1. Mercy, I just wrote you three emails at your different addresses and all three were returned? Maybe the problem isn't your emails? I'm sorry to mention that here, I just didn't know what to do. Could you send me your Home phone number. Love mom

  2. Each one is beautiful and so much "fun" Mom, don't give up, it does get better, more challenging even!


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