It was a long night…

I’m tired. Most of the night I spent up and down with sick kids – vomiting, runs. Scarlett had it about 2 days ago but we chalked it up to possible teething. Then last night both Logan and Lila started throwing up, and Logan was on the toilet multiple times. Poor kid. He has a terror of vomiting, either doing it himself or hearing someone else. It scares him and he just cries and freaks out.
My guess is it was something they all ate or some sort of tummy bug that is messing with them. I don’t know what else it could be. So today will be about rest, juice, books and cartoons. Scarlett went a good 24 hours with only a little nursing and she is still not eating like she normally does. I hope the others will pick up again soon. Logan gets so skinny when he stops eating, even if for just a day.
Pray for them.
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  1. I'll definitely pray for them! And for YOU! It's never easy to take care of just one sick kid, but you've got 3!I'm like Logan…I have a horrible fear of throwing up, and definitely can't handle being around someone else who is.

  2. Tks. They are better now. After about 36 hours with no food, Logan woke up and declared that he was hungry and ate well the rest of the day. I'm so happy for that.

  3. That's good, I'm glad to hear that they are ok! lu grandma


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