Monthly Weigh-in – February

So, today is the day … that I weigh myself, that is. Ha. I feel all I’ve done here lately is talk about me and my weight, so I promise that after this I will get some stuff up about the kids. But talking about what I am doing makes me accountable to you and gives me an incentive to get moving and exercise.
My goals for January were to get into exercise again and make it a habit, and to cut down on the quantity of food I was eating. I have done both. In 31 days I got exercise on 20 of them (I write it down in my daily planner). I was sick for a few days and missed some, but that is more than I got in the last few months of 2011. Of course most of it was short workouts, just to get my body used to it again, but now I am back into longer workouts, some on video, some just a list of exercises.
My goal for February is to get at least 5 1-hour workouts a week. I’d like to do more since in order to really lose weight I need to move more, but there are some mornings when it is better for me to sleep a little later. Maybe I was up in the night with one (or more) of the kids and I’m tired. On such days I have tried to fit in some exercise time when the kids are napping, just so I don’t miss it.
I do feel better physically. My pants are starting to fit again, I’m starting to see some muscle definintion on my arms, and eating less hasn’t hurt. In fact, I find I am not so hungry when I used to be, and if I start to feel hungry but I know I’ll be eating in an hour or less, I just have some water. It makes a difference. And I make sure to eat enough at meals but not too much, so there is less chance of needing a snack.
I think the time I’m most tempted to snack is in the evening, after the kids are in bed and I’m relaxing. I used to snack a lot then but now I rarely do. It isn’t that I’m hungry so much as just wanting to nibble while watching t.v. or browsing the net. I don’t need it so I have been stopping myself.

(I wrote the above in the morning of the 1st, now it  is the evening of the 2nd.)

So the other morning I took my measurements and weighed myself. I wasn’t holding my breath for anything grand, and it’s a good thing too, cause I lost a grand total of … nothing. Well, I know that for me, I have to do a lot of daily, intense exercise to lose any weight at all and this was just a warm-up month. But I did lose 3/4 of an inch around my waist! I think what is happening is that I am gaining muscle while losing fat so the scale didn’t move but I know my body had changed. I feel it.
I can do pushups – I never did pushups – almost 30 in 3 sets. No, no, not full body ones, just bent-knee. But one day I will move on to full body. I tried the other day and did one. Ha. But the fact that I could hold myself in that position and do one means I am getting stronger.
Having 3 pregnancies in a row has messed up my abs. They are starting to feel tight again, but it could be some time before the “jelly belly” is gone. I hope I can get rid of it, but if I can’t, I’ll be happy to at least have the rest of me in shape.
So now I am ready to move on to longer, more intense workouts. I remember once when I was about 21 or 22, I spent a few months travelling with my family. During that time we lived in a trailer and spent days at a time driving. I got very little exercise then, and that, combined with sitting all day and good food in restaurants and snacks in the van meant by the time the trip was over, almost all my clothes were tight. So I forced myself to do 1 1/2 hrs. of intense exercise, and I was so worn out every time afterwards, but I did lose the weight. I don’t think I’ll get that kind of time now with kids around, but I have promised myself that I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT!
And I promise that I won’t bring it up again until next month. 🙂

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  1. You are so motivating and inspiring!! Don't stop posting about your progress, please!!!!Congratulations on losing 3/4 of an inch! And you're right, you're probably gaining muscle and losing fat so even though it doesn't show on the scale, you can tell just by your measurements, your clothes being looser and how good you feel.Go you!!! Congratulations!!!


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