Snacks Preschoolers Will Love – Frozen Grapes

Ok, I know this is more of a hot weather treat, but for us it is already warming up and we feel like having something cold. I actually made some today for myself, but I was thinking about how my kids would enjoy them too. This is a snack that kids can help you make, too.

So you will need:
-Seedless grapes
-A bag or bowl to freeze them in.

First wash your grapes and take them off the stem. Make sure to pick out any bad ones. If you want to serve these to older babies or toddlers, you will want to slice them in halves or quarters first.

Then you just put them in your bag or bowl and pop them into the freezer until they are frozen. If you are only doing a small amount to eat in a few hours, then use the bowl. A bag is good for larger amounts and longer freezing times and it will keep them from tasting of the freezer.

These thaw quickly, so only take them out when you are ready to eat them, and only the amount you want to eat. And mommies, these are a low-calorie treat that are great for cooling down with when you are tempted with ice cream but are trying to watch your weight.

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