Saying Goodbye to a Dependable Friend

Today I said goodbye to a friend.

Logan at 3 months. First time we used the stroller.

A friend who has been there for me since Logan was tiny.

Logan at 4 months, first vacation.

 A friend who willingly carried whatever I placed in it, with no complaint.

I really should have gotten a pic of when it was packed with groceries.

 A friend who continued on as it got more use…

Lila, 7 weeks; Logan, 19 months.

took us everywhere,

Lila, 7 months.

 and endured many naps.

Lila, 7 months

Logan, just days before his second birthday.

 Sadly, this friend got tired of all the work,

Lila, 16 months.

 especially as it entered round 3.

Scarlett, 4 months.

 It was a great friend and will be missed.

Scarlett, 7 months.

Scarlett, 7 months.

Have you guessed that I was talking about my stroller? Yes, sadly I had to get rid of it before I was ready to not have a stroller. Up until a few months ago, it was working just fine. Then somehow, the whole frame bent to the left and the right front wheel was stuck permanently in the air. Pushing it became a headache, especially when the older ones were hanging on to it. The uneven roads didn’t help either.
Now that Scarlett is walking it isn’t such a tragedy to not have it, but where I can go with all 3 kids is limited since I will have to carry Scarlett until she can walk at a decent pace and keep up with us. But keeping it was worse. I came to dread taking the kids out cause pushing it and trying to keep it going straight and pulling the ones hanging on was tiring on my arms, to say the least.
Will I get another? Maybe. It would still be useful for at least another year, but I don’t need such a sturdy one any more. Maybe one of those easily collapsable umbrella strollers would do the trick.

At least this is an easily replaceable friend. 🙂

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  1. Sweet photos!!! My first stroller is nearly 8-yrs-old! I guess I should be grateful it's held up so well, though it's not looking pretty. 🙂

  2. I should have added that I got this stroller from my SIL and it had about two years of use on it when we got it. So it was about 6 years old. I think my packing it with groceries is what killed it.

  3. thevoltz2000

     /  January 31, 2014

    We’re on kid 2 with the same stroller- still holding strong!


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