Christmas in the D’souza House – 2011 Edition

Yet another Christmas has come and gone, our 4th as a family. This year was the most exciting so far in terms of the children enjoying it, just because they are older now. Logan understood better when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. His reply? A pig for his farm set. He had gotten some animals on his birthday but there was no pig in the set. I had actually never seen a set with a pig, but the first day I went shopping, I found a set by a different company and it had a pig. Perfect.
Logan also got some puzzles (another request), a Lego set, a frizbee, a Winnie the Pooh reader/workbook, and a toy keyboard. He loves music so I’m hoping he will learn how to play it.
Lila didn’t know what to ask for so I got her a tea set, baby doll, puzzle, Winnie the Pooh workbooks for colors and shapes, and a frizbee. Scarlett got a baby doll and Fisher Price xylophone.
In their stockings they each got two wrapped toys, a ball with water and glitter in it, and some chocolate treats. They were very happy and spent all of Christmas day playing with their new things.

Glad had to work until the 23rd so we set aside the 24th as a day to go out together and celebrate. We went out to a mall, the largest here and the only one that is built like a western mall. I should do a post on Indian malls some day. I’m sure you’d love that.
Anyway, we headed out in an auto, all 5 of us just fit. The first thing we did was to take a ride on the train that was circling the central display of a huge tree and a winter scene complete with painted snow, little houses, Santa and a manger scene. The kids were excited until we got on; then Lila wanted to get off right away. It’s funny because it was a slow train and it just did two rounds and she cried, yet Lila likes to go in autos which are much faster.

Dec 095

Dec 096
Our view from the train.
Dec 094

After the train we went to the large toy store that they have. Too bad they don’t allow photo taking cause they have some great toys. We spent a long time there, letting the kids look at whatever they wanted. Logan found a tiny stage and got up there to dance to the piped in music.

Taken outside the toy store. That is a Lego Taj Mahal behind them.

After the toy store we did some shopping – shoes for Lila, socks for Scarlett, a belt for Logan and earrings for me. Nothing grand but all needed. Besides, their gifts were already bought. After that we had lunch and then headed home where Logan and Lila napped (Scarlett had napped at the mall) and Glad went out to get my gift from my mom – a new phone. Mom actually managed to convince him to get me something from her. Amazing, considering he hates gift shopping. Now I can take photos and videos when I want without waiting for his phone to be home. I’m happy for that. Maybe next year he will get me something from him. Fingers crossed.

In the evening we watched a Christmas movie together over pizza, a very rare treat. We also dug into the one fruitcake I had managed to soak and age properly; it was moist and very alcoholic. Yummy! The brandy was super strong but it was good. I had to hold Logan back as he likes fruitcake so much he wanted to eat the whole thing himself and hardly left any for the rest of us.
Sorry I never got any Christmas cards sent. We haven’t gotten our yearly family photo yet, and unless I can convince Glad to leave the cricket on t.v. long enough to go out, it won’t happen.

Now Logan keeps asking for more gifts and to open his stocking again, and when I told him he’d have to wait until next year, he decided to start on his list for next Christmas – he wants a cat, a toy one. I’ll see what I can do about that.

To see more Christmas photos, click here.

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  1. Well it sure looks like you all had a good Christmas!Are all those photos from your new phone? The 24th was a very special day together, I'm sure that Logan will remember everything that happened.Those were nice pics of you Mercy. I love you. MOM

  2. Is it bad that I've never tried fruit cake? I've always thought about it…


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