Outing to a Beach Resort

I’m so behind. I should have gotten this written as soon as it happened but I put it off and then other things came up, and now it is old news. But it is still interesting so I think you will want to hear about it.
Last Sunday (the 18th), we went out for some time of fun, relaxation, and family time, something we rarely get because of Glad’s intense work schedule. He has two jobs. The main one is manager of Logan’s preschool, which is 5 days a week, plus a few hours on saturday. The other is teaching English, monday to friday evenings (he is rarely home before 11), and several hours both saturday and sunday.
One plus of the teaching is he can cancel if needed, if something else comes up or if he needs time off. So sunday he cancelled everything and took a trip to a beach resort outside of town. Glad’s boss loaned us his car and driver (an Innova) since all we have is the scooter and usually take a taxi for family outings.
So I got the kids up early and we were out by 8:30 in an effort to beat the traffic. I had everything packed the night before, clothes layed out, food ready to go, so in the morning it was a minimum of work for me.
The first place we stopped was the crocodile reserve. Of course the kids were eager to see them, and I learned that there were more varieties of crocs than I had thought. It’s amazing how many there actually are. We also saw turtles and some snakes there.
The highlight was the underwater display. It was a small brick room, dark and a little scary. They had a huge gharial on display there, and a microphone under the water let us hear his sounds. He was a good 10 feet long, at least. Logan freaked out and screamed the whole time while Lila was amazed and asked to go in a second time.

All those teeth are scary.

After the reserve we continued a short distance to the resort, where we spent the next several hours by the pool. The water was icy cold but the air was warm enough to sit in swimsuits, even though it wasn’t sunny. The kids only went in a little, preferring to play around the kiddy pool, throwing their toys in and getting others to fish them out. I dared to have a swim in that icy water, though once in, it wasn’t so bad. It was the getting in part that was torturesome.

We met up with some friends there, Logan and Glad played some cricket, we had lunch, talked, relaxed. We needed it. The place did have a beach, but we decided to stay by the pool and Glad just took Logan and Lila to see the beach. Logan wanted to go in and Lila was scared. I guess they both have their moments of bravery.
We headed home around 4:30 and all three kids promptly fell asleep. It was a great, fun day and we hope to have more of them in the near future.
To see more photos from this day, click here.

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