Ho Hum…No Fun

There hasn’t been anything exciting happening around here lately. I think the most exciting thing this week was finding a string of lights for our tree. I so miss being surrounded by Christmas. 😦 This morning I woke to heavy rain; unusual, since the monsoon has been over for a while and we have had some heat lately. I hope it warms up again cause we have plans to join some friends at a beach resort on Sunday for swimming. Logan asks about it daily and would be so disappointed if we can’t go.

Tree setup this year, before I found the lights.

Flannelgraph manger scene. I figured this is safer for the kids than a ceramic one. Besides, I don’t have another one. 🙂 Set is from Betty Lukens

And this is why I stuck with the small tree this year – no worries about it being toppled. Well, unless Lila climbs up on the stool and isn’t careful. So far she has been; Scarlett would have eaten the whole thing by now.

I don’t have anything more to write right now so I will leave a few links from past Christmas posts for you to check out.

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  1. Wow, I should send you some photos too, but my small fake tree is off the floor too, to make it look taller, I put it on a table. All the trees here are already dry and I didn't want to spend $40. for one! Shiniji,21, Zeke 22 and Snowflake 2yrs(she is P,G!) are my "kids", for now lets say! ha! I miss you all so much & have enjoyed the many things you've written all year and for the past years. It has helped so much!

  2. Sorry, I trip off some times, I wanted to say that your Christmas preparations are beautiful, I like the flannel graph, what a great Idea for the manger scene! You've had your hands full and still found time to make it all happen,enjoy yourselves with the children and your friends. Zeke and I will be alone for Christmas, it will be the first quiet Christmas since you and your siblings were born! Fighting lonliness is an opportunity to learn more, love you Mom

  3. Christmas will be here before we know it! We do small trees too.

  4. I think you are wise to go with the small tree! Ours has nearly toppled several times! And I love that flannel board manager scene. That also seems like the perfect thing with kids!


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