My Thanksgiving Post

Everywhere I look in the blog world people are preparing for Thanksgiving, ok, US Thanksgiving. If I was in Canada we would have celebrated it back in October, and since I am in India we don’t celebrate it at all. Ha.
Logan’s school started in the US, so, in addition to all the local holidays, they celebrate several of the major US holidays. On Halloween they had a little celebration, and today for Thanksgiving, the children learned about it. The school also collected used clothes, toys, and food items to give to a local orphanage, so that the children can learn about being thankful for what they have by giving to those in need.
So even though I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Thanksgiving, I figured there is no harm in listing what I am thankful for right now. There isn’t any particular order and this is all random, except for the first two.

1. These stinkers. They keep me so busy I don’t have time to complain about anything except about how busy and tired they make me.

Early morning, in their pj’s. I think kids in pj’s look so cute.

2. The love of my life, the one who slaves at work 7 days a week to keep us all going. XXX I love you, Sweetie.

Discussing dental hygine with the children; Logan is standing with the teacher. (This actually isn’t his class, and apparently he doesn’t sit like the rest of the kids do. But he does love that particular teacher and talks about her all the time and will do anything for her. )

3. The fact that I have internet and that it works, even though it did take 10 minutes to upload that last pic.

4. Candy canes, and Christmas. Mostly candy canes. 🙂

5. Fruitcake.


 6. My blog friends. I spend so much time at home with the kids that here is where I most get to interact with people over 3 feet tall and discuss things more meaningful than whether the inflatable whale is a daddy or a mommy, listen to debates on the difference between a burp and a belch (my kids say a burp is a burp and a belch is a belch, laugh about it, and start again), and repeatedly confirm to Logan that only boys have penies. (Honestly, why are boys so into that part of their body and why is it so important to them from the moment they discover it? It is just another appendage.)

7. Rain. I love it. It is raining right now and I feel so relaxed. I think it calms me down.

8. Vodka. Need I say more?

9. My new giant purse that holds all I need for the kids without looking like a diaper bag.

You’d be surprised what I have in there. A mommy can never be overprepared.

10. The fact that all 3 kids were asleep before 11 p.m. tonight = peace and quiet.

And while I could go on, I think 10 is a good number for now. Now I’m going to hop over to my other blog and get a post up there. You can read it too. Just click on the link for my other blog on the sidebar over there and you’ll get it.

See you next time. And since most of my readers are in NA and will be just waking up for Thanksgiving, I wish you a fun, thankful day.

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  1. This year I was thinking somewhat the same thing as I haven't celebrated thanksgiving in may years. Some Mexicans celebrate along with the states but I regularly thank Him for all my family and the regular needs met along with the extras, I guess everyday is thanksgiving! love you and am very thankful for each of you, mom

  2. Well here in my little corner of the globe, we don't celebrate thanksgiving… nevertheless I have LOTS to be grateful for!!!Lovely post!!Nice to meet you *waves*

  3. I am thankful for you too. And who doesn't love vodka?


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