Things I Learned After I Became a Mommy, part 2

Some more things on my ever-growing list. You can read the first list here.


#11 Sleep is overrated.

#12 My 2 year old will eat any veggie, including onion, garlic and chili pepper … as long as it is on the cutting board waiting to be cooked and not on her plate.

#13 It is safer to assume the underwear (sheets, blankets, etc.) are dirty than to smell them to be sure.

#14 Kisses and getting to lie on mommy’s bed will heal most any pain, real or imagined.

#15 Kids get sick first; mommy gets sick last. Kids get to rest, watch videos, have treats; mommy gets to keep working as usual.

#16 As long as I am up and about, my kids play on their own, but as soon as I sit to rest, they all need me for something.

#17 At mealtime, if one child asks for something, the next one only asks for the same after I have served the first, put it away, and sat back down to eat.

#18 Don’t jump out of bed the minute you hear the baby cry. They may just be stirring and you will wear yourself out.

#19 Laundry multiplies faster than rabbits.

#20 Disciplining your children and following through on what you say when you threaten a punishment is the single most exhausting thing you will have to do as a parent.

So what have you learned since you became a mommy?


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  1. Oh – I'm completely with you on 16 and 17. Good to know I'm not alone.


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