Fuzzy Mommy Brain – Do You Have It?

Have you ever gotten up from what you are doing and gone to do something else, only to forget what it was you got up to do? How many times have you walked into a room and not have a clue why you were there? Do you ever forget simple things, like whether you already wiped the table or turned the washer on? Did you ever put a pot on the stove and walk off, only to come back and wonder why it wasn’t hot yet and how you managed to forget to turn the stove on? Or did you turn it on and forget about it and come back to find the pot had boiled over? If so, congratulations, you have what is known as Fuzzy Mommy Brain.

This is totally my house right now.
Fuzzy Mommy Brain tends to occur sometime around the birth of your first baby, sometimes before the baby acutally gets there, and gets worse with lack of sleep. As we all know, a newborn’s only goals in life are to eat, cry, poop, and see to it that mommy doesn’t get any sleep.
The problem with Fuzzy Mommy Brain is that it gets worse over time, and the seriousness of it depends on how many children you have. Pets, never-ending housework, and spouses can add to the problem as well. Listening to kids scream and fight all day seems to enhance it by 100%, because the screaming damages what few good brain cells you have left.
I have three children, meaning I have this pretty bad. I suffer from Fuzzy Mommy Brain all day long. I can’t count the number of times in a day that I walk into a room and forget why I walked in. Or I open the fridge and forget what I wanted. Or I put the milk jug in the cupboard and salt shaker in the fridge. And yes, I often put the milk on to boil and forget about it the moment I walk out of the kitchen. I have to stay with it or, if I must leave the kitchen, I have to keep reminding myself that it is on so that I can come back for it.

If I don’t return an item to its usual place, it is lost to me. I can never remember where I put it and try very hard to keep everything in the same place so I can find it again. Just yesterday, I took the hairbrush from its usual place in the bathroom and left it on a shelf in the bedroom. I was in a rush to leave the house, with both girls in tow, so putting the hairbrush back was the last thing on my mind. Later my husband wanted it and I was surprised that it was missing. I was so sure I had put it back after using it.

Sometimes I feel as if I am losing my mind. I walk around, jumping from one job to the next, never quite finishing one, because as soon as I see one thing, it reminds me of something else, and that will remind me of something else. It never ends.
For example, as soon as Logan is off to school, I set about on my daily tidying and aim to get at least the dishes done and a load of laundry into the machine. So I clear the table from breakfast. When dropping the dishes in the sink, I see the dishtowels need changing, so I take the dirty ones to the laundry basket. That reminds me to put a load in, so I do. Once the load of laundry is in, I look up to see a cobweb in the corner, so then I get the broom to sweep it down. I take the broom outside to clean it and see the balcony needs to be swept so I do that. I come back for the dustpan and remember that the dishes are still waiting and that I haven’t wiped the table yet.

Do you get the picture? It goes on like this all day, unless I force myself to stop and think about what I am doing. Sometimes other distractions come up, phone or doorbell, kids fighting, diaper changes and so on. These interrupt my train of thought and make me have to rethink what I’m supposed to be doing.

Fuzzy Mommy Brain is what causes me to try to get my baby to blow her nose when she can’t do it, and what makes me mix up my girls’ names and call them each others names without realising it. It is what makes me think 20 times about taking the meat out of the freezer without actually doing it. It is what makes me mindlessly call out, “What’s happening in there?”, when the kids get too loud in their room, even though they are just playing and no one is fighting.
Fuzzy Mommy Brain is what made my mom try to put a bib on one of us instead of the baby once upon a time. I remember she was so distracted that the kid she was putting it on was pushing it away saying “No, mom, that’s not for me.” And she was saying, “Let me put this on you. Stop pushing it away.” Then she stopped and realised what she was doing and said, “Oh.” I imagine her brain was quite fried then. She also used to call all of our names before getting to the one she wanted. She’s had 8 kids, and often mixed up our names too.
As far as I know, there is no cure for Fuzzy Mommy Brain. Oh, well. I guess I will have to live with it.

Mommy friends, do you have Fuzzy Mommy Brain? How do you deal with it? Do you know of a cure? 🙂 (I wish.)
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  1. I definitely have this at times. Unfortunately, I think the only cure is time. Now that my baby is nearly 2 I pretty much feel like my old self.

  2. I totally have Fuzzy Mommy Brain!! We have 5 kids all 9 and younger…hopefully by the time my kids are grown, I won't have permanant Fuzzy Mommy Brain Damage!! LOL.

  3. I most certainly have fuzzy mommy brain. You described it so well: I am eternally distracted by a long running list of to-dos. I go upstairs to get … what was it again? I put the laundry in and forget it until that night. I forget to drink my coffee, heat it in the microwave, and there it stays for another hour.A cure? Honey, if I find a cure I'll be forever rich because I'll bottle it and sell it. But I'll give away free samples, I promise.


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