Logan’s Fourth Birthday

Today is Logan’s 4th birthday. I still can’t believe it. These past 4 years have flown by and what memories I have of them.

Logan is still an animal lover, with cows and then the rest of the farm animals at the top of the list. This year he wanted lots and lots of animals for his birthday, plus a tractor. Of course I got them for him. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees the surprise gift I found for him. He had asked for something he sees every day – a cow pulling a wagon with a man driving. Yes, he tells me that almost daily. Anyway, I found a cute set with a horse pulling the wagon with a cow inside and a farmer. It isn’t exactly what he sees but I think he’ll like it.
Logan loves to sing. His current favorite song is the one “I Will Follow Him” from the movie “Sister Act”. He saw his teachers perform it at his annual day show and since then he likes to sing it, except he still doesn’t know all the words so he just sings “I follow” over and over while shaking each of the cuddle toys. After a while it gets annoying so I try to tune it out, which is hard to do when he sings at the top of his voice.
Logan loves school – learning new things, his teachers, his friends. He cries when it isn’t a school day. Ha. I think I need to record that for 10 years from now when he will tell me how much he hates school. Well, I hope he continues to love school.
Logan can be very wild and his antics will test me to the limit, but he is so cute and I love him so much.
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  1. To begin with Logan is so very cute and please tell him that I said so! Happy Birthday dear Logan from nana in Mexico! I know that you will like your Birthday gifts that your Mommy bought for you, I'm just waiting for your next photo! Logan I really like it when you let mommy take your photos for me because I miss not seeing you in person and not being able to hold you and cuddle with you. I pray that you will never get too big for a cuddle! Guess what Logan. one of nana's favorite it songs is "I will Follow Him". Please sweet boy know that even with the ocean between us, Jesus keeps us close. Love you always, Nana. PS Two nights ago, I played sister Act for about the 10th time, I sand along with it, maybe Logan,s singing reached me too ! Mama Mercy, Happy Mothers Day as I reflect on the birth of each child as being Mother's day! LU Mom


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