Logan’s Fourth Birthday, pt. 2

Ha. I never do a part 2 for birthdays, but I wrote the last post this morning (correction, yesterday morning; it is already 1 a.m.), and now I want to add his birthday pics and such.

The kids are finally in bed. I let them stay up late since they were having so much fun with Logan’s new toys, and I had promised them a movie. Well, I wanted to start it by 9 at the latest but instead they played, and then at 11 p.m decided they had to have the promised movie. At least they are still easy to please at this young age. I told them they could only watch a short one since it was so late and Logan actually picked the shortest “Winnie the Pooh” movie that we have, after which they had a snack and went to bed by 12:30 a.m. I know they will sleep late tomorrow so I am going to stay up a while. I need this time to myself with no screaming fussy kids around. The silence is heavenly.

Ok, getting distracted from the topic. This morning after Glad and Logan left for school, I rushed to get the girls and myself ready so we could be there on time for Logan’s school party. It is customary in his school for a small party to be held for the birthday child in their class, and the parents supply the cake. Anything more than that is optional. Since Logan tends to join both downstairs classrooms, both were included, and even Glad’s boss and his wife showed up for the event. They brought Logan a mini bowling set which kept him and Lila busy for the afternoon.

 I had made the cake in advance, and Logan was so happy to see a cow on it. I am not an artist, but I free-handed the picture and it came out pretty good, I think.

Once the party was over, the girls and I spent a while at the park, then went home to make lunch. Once the kids all went down for their naps, I went ahead and made a second cake for Logan. See, the first one was for school, and once I turned it over to the teachers all I saw of it was a small sliver, and anyway, Logan had wanted a train cake “like the circus train in Dumbo” as his first choice. So I made it for him. The delight in his voice told me that making the second cake was the right choice, even though it took extra time.

Then in the evening once daddy was home, Logan opened his gifts and had lots of fun playing with them. He was delighted with all the plastic animals. I had gotten two packs so that he could have the large amount he wanted, and he was so happy. He liked the tractor, and also enjoyed the horse and wagon, though in the end, Scarlett loved that one the most.

Logan wore his getting-too-small-already suit (minus the jacket) to school, and the girls came decked out too.
Animals – his most favorite thing.
School party. Lila was busy digging into cake at another table.

Enjoying Logan’s toys.

Click here to see more of Logan’s birthday pics.

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  1. Mercy, I was out all day and couldn't wait to get home just in case there was an up-date! Thank you for sharing all the precious moments with us. Logan certainly had a fun birthday! And now, do you have the strength for tomorrow's Birthday? Oh I just love hearing everything and seeing all those photos, it's almost as good as being there! thank you honey. Mom PS the cakes were amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet grand daughter Scarlett Kate. You are so beautiful precious girl, Mommy, please kiss and hug her for me.What did Scarlett receive for her Birthday. LU Nana

  3. She got a stacking toy and some clothes.


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