Rainy Day Activity

First, I must apologise for my absence. All the kids got colds one at a time, and then I got it, and well, I just couldn’t keep up with anything more than the absolutely necessary. You know, the cooking, dishes, diaper changes, baths, laundry – we mom’s don’t really get a break when we’re sick. Add to sickness heavy rain and we were stuck indoors for about 10 days or so. Today the sun has finally come out, but the kids were cooped up for a long time.
One activity I tried to keep them occupied during this time was playing shopping.
I looked in my cupboards for boxes I didn’t need and empty plastic food containers. To make them last a little longer, I put folded newspaper inside the boxes. Not enough to make them heavy, but enough for them to hold their shape. Then I sealed them with wide clear packing tape and let the kids loose. Lila enjoyed it the most. Putting boxes in and out of a bag, then pretending to go home and put the food away kept her busy for a long time.

See the newspaper inside the box?

To keep this activity from getting old quickly, when they were done, I put everything away out of reach. Had I left it on the toy shelf everything would have been damaged. Of course, since these are products I buy regularly it is easy to replace a box if it gets too messed up to play with, but I am trying to teach them to care for their things.
This is an easy activity to add to. Just add new boxes and containers as you get them. You can make the game go further by using play money and acting it out.

What are your children’s favorite rainy day activities?

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  1. Great game idea…I will definitely keep that in mind. My LO is just one so she doesn't get bored playing with what ever she finds. Also, the weathers been great here in France, but we've got a long winter ahead…


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