I’m Embarrassed to Say

It would seem that one of a child’s many goals in life is to embarrass his parents; unintentionally, of course. They go around doing little things in the process of exploration and learning that leave us feeling, well, embarrassed. Logan is one such child. I am not someone who gets embarrassed easily, and I was sure my child could never emabrrass me … until he turned the magical age of 2. Then it happened. It seemed overnight he started doing things just to keep me on my toes.

I have found people here in India to be quite accepting of small children’s actions, and so far I haven’t had anyone get upset at me or Logan for the things he has done. Thankfully. Because some of the things he has done are enough to make me want to hide.

One thing he has done for a long time and only recently stopped was touching any person that passed us on our walks. Most women wear flowing saris and dupattas, and his little hands couldn’t resist touching and sometimes grabbing them as they went by. On a few occasions some of them were startled to feel a touch so low on their bodies while walking, but quickly got over it when they saw it was just a tiny kid. (Here, purposefully touching someone you don’t know is considered indecent.)

When we first moved into this house over a year ago, Logan was a little over 2 1/2. The little park near our house has its share of regulars, one of which is a small group of old men who meet almost daily. They sit in the same benches by the playground, at the same time each day, talking about whatever it is that old men talk about. There are at least 6 or 7 of them.
One day while playing there, Logan went up to one man and took the water bottle out of his hands. The man willingly let Logan have a drink, but instead of returning the bottle, Logan dumped it on the ground, right on the man’s foot. Yes, I did try to make him think I hadn’t noticed.

On more occasions than I can count, he has walked up to people and take food out of their hands, food that they were about to eat or were already eating. He has marched up to other children and taken their snack or drink right out of their hand and proceeded to consume it himself. Most times I have managed to stop him, yet lots of people insist on letting him eat whatever it was he was trying to take. But this is the “icing on the cake” incident. Recently we were in a department store waiting to pay for some stuff. Right near the entrance was a small coffee shop that was only enclosed with a low wall and there was a bench on the outside.

Too late I noticed Logan kneeling on the bench, leaning over, grabbing a chocolate doughnut off a little girl’s plate and stuffing it down his throat. I wished I could have melted into the floor. I, of course, told him he shouldn’t do that, that he needed to ask me if he wanted food, and apologized, and the mother was very understanding. The girl amazed me even more that she didn’t cry when he did that. She was about Logan’s age, and if someone had done that to him, he would have shouted and burst into tears.

I know there are more incidents and if they come to me I will record them, but this is all I can think of for now.

Has your child done something unintentionally that emabarrassed you? Tell us about it.

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  1. My children do embarassing things all the time. I think most small children do, but sometimes I feel like mine do more than their fair share.

  2. coming on over from WOE… We are just getting to that point where our son just does things so quickly and we have no time to react…

  3. My 2 year old decided to yell "ouch" a couple times at the grocery store! Of course, for no reason! I think I was red-faced the entire trip :))


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