Christmas Prep

I’ve been in the Christmas mood lately. I think it must have started when the kids started wanting to hear Christmas songs when dancing with daddy. This is from Monday night, but they have listened to them a lot the past week or two. (If you missed yesterday’s videos, check them out.)

That got me going and I started thinking about what kind of prep I needed to do. For some time now I wanted to get us all some nice Christmas stockings but first of all, they are hard to find, and second, when you do find some, they aren’t worth the price as far as the quality goes. So I got inspired to make my own.
The day the idea came I put it to work. I dug out a thick white bedcover that I knew I would never use on the kids beds to use for the main stocking part, some red cloth for trim, and newspaper for the pattern. Within minutes I had 5 stockings cut out and 5 red trims. That was the quick part. I don’t have a sewing machine so I am doing all of the stiching by hand.
As you can see, I cut them on the fold to save myself some stitching. At this time, two stockings are in this state.

 Two others have the trim completed. The red beads were on a string so I just overstitched them on, but the sequins and beads I had to do one at a time. It was both tedious and fun.
And here is the first one I completed. I love beadwork so I am using that for most of the decorations, but I am also going to try some applique. The kids want certain pictures on theirs and it will take some effort on my part but I hope they will come out ok. This one with the snowflakes is mine.
Other Christmas prep that I have in mind is to try an experiment with fruitcake cooked on the stove, rum balls, maybe some Nanaimo bars, and peppermint vodka, using the pieces of candy canes I saved from what mom sent us last year. Check out the link for this great idea.
On Monday Logan had Diwali celebrations at school, so he got a chance to wear his kurta again. It is only the second time he has worn it and it is already tight. But at least he has gotten some use out of it.

Goofy boy.

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  1. Love scarlett's 'head banging'…..Have a good christmas prep


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