Random Tips That Can Make Life Easier

Here are a few random tips that you may find useful, things that have come to me and been “wow” moments of learning. I’ll post more as they come to me.

– Always put a bib on your child when feeding them banana or tomato-based foods. While most stains are removable, these stain permanently. To be on the safe side, always use a bib.

– Lock doors you don’t want your baby or toddler getting into. (Works for older kids too, if you keep the key somewhere safe. I lock the cupboard in my kids’ room to keep my oldest from getting into stuff I don’t want him to have on his own.)

– Does your child have one of those shirts that has a head hole that is just a bit too small? To get it on, stretch the hole as far as it will go, then first pull it over the crown of the head and it should easily slip over the rest. (Don’t force it if it is really too small.)

– When dressing your toddler, put the underwear inside the pants or shorts and have them step through both at the same time. It saves time putting clothes on. Works with skirts too.

– Keep a notebook on hand for all those random ideas that come to your mind throughout the day. That way you can jot down what you are thinking about and then go back to whatever you were doing without worrying that you will forget that great idea you just got.

– Keep a paper or dry-erase board on your fridge so that you can note down things you need to buy as you see they are getting low or you are out of them. Then when you are ready to go shopping, your list is ready.

Tips from Facebook readers:

– Get enough excercise yourself because it gives you the energy to keep up with them (your kids)!

– Sleep! If I don’t sleep I want to rip my hair out! I couldn’t stress this enough!

Please feel free to leave your own random tips in the comments. If it is something that you do that makes your life easier, than let us know about it so we can all learn something new.

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