The Great Sippy Cup (Mis)Adventures

As a new mom, everything in the world of baby items is new. It is a vast, undiscovered, fun, exciting, and at times frustrating and downright annoying arena.

Logan at 20 months with the first cup, and
probably the 3rd top.

When Logan was about 10 or 11 months old, I bought him his first sippy cup. After looking around at all the varieties, I settled for one that (now that I think about it) was very overpriced but looked like something useful. Instead of the usual hard tip, it was soft, like a nipple was. I thought he might drink from that so I got it.
It wasn’t long before I discovered the first problem – he liked to bite the tip. He used it for some time (at that time just for water) but eventually I knew I’d have to replace the tip … and this is where the problem grew. I couldn’t find a replacement! The manufacturer hadn’t put one out and the only solution was to buy a new cup. This bugged me A LOT because I had paid so much for this supposedly great cup to have my kids teethe on it and I couldn’t replace it? Finally, after much searching, I found a top by a different manufacturer. It didn’t fit perfectly but I made do and the cup lasted a little longer.
By this time, he was using the cup for milk and problem number two had shown up – milk caked in the tip. Frustration doesn’t describe the feeling as I spent countless hours soaking, scrubbing, and picking with a toothpick all the milk that got stuck when it wasn’t washed immediately.
Eventually I’d had enough with the cup, so I got him a new one with the usual hard tip. And yes, he chewed that one up too, and I had the same milk-caked-in-the-top problems. I think until he was almost 3 I got him a new cup every few months cause he would chew on the top and I figured it must feel funny to drink from. Then I just gave him a regular child’s cup, plasic but no lid and he had to learn to drink carefully.

Opening gifts the morning after her
first birthday.
With Lila I was more aware of what to look for, and she happily drank from a bottle, so I waited until her first birthday to get her a cup, plus plate, bowl, and utensil set, all matching in pink (of course). Yes, the cup problems continued but … she didn’t bite the tip of the cup. Wow. The cup could last longer, and it did. I made sure to wash it as soon as she was done so the milk couldn’t cake up, or so I thought.
But over time it did and I soon got her a new one which lasted all of 2 hours, since as soon as we got home, Logan proceeded to bite up first his cup and then hers. Groan.
I think I waited a month or so, and then got her a new one, which she still has … cause I’ve learned the secret to getting all that milky gunk buildup out:
1. Wash it right away, or soak with water if I can’t.
2. When it won’t come clean with a wash, soak with a drop of bleach for a few hours and then wash well. You have to make sure the lid of the cup is completely submerged to get it clean, so put something heavy on it to keep it from floating.
If you have a spray hose at the sink, the force of the water can help dislodge milk that is in parts you can’t get into to clean.
3. Q-tips work great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.
Of course cups do eventually have to be replaced but trying these cleaning methods can make them last longer.
Scarlett’s birthday is next month, so guess what I will be buying her? (I think, though, that I will just get her a cup, a plate that has divided sections and a spoon. Everything else is not really necessary.)

Anyone else have sippy cup stories you want to share?

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