Lifecycle Repeating Itself

Another childhood memory…

When I was 5 years old, my mom and 2 younger brothers and I lived in an apartment complex on the ground floor. I have fun memories of that place, like sliding down the carpeted staircase on my tummy, head first. It seemed to be the longest staircase ever and was a great ride. Yes, it was one of those apartments with two floors. We lived in the same building twice, in two different apartments, about two years apart (I think). It was great for hide and seek.
But today’s story isn’t about the place itself.
My brothers were 3 and 2 at the time, and one day the younger one, Steve, wanted to go outside. Mom must have been upstairs or possibly in the public laundry room down the hall, but she certainly wasn’t around cause I went ahead and opened the door for him and let him out, closing the door behind him. It never occured to me that he shouldn’t go out on his own, that he couldn’t watch himself. I just thought he should go out since he wanted to.
I don’t know how much later it was when mom asked where he was and I said I let him out cause he wanted to go out. I don’t remember her reaction to me, nor if she said anything, though I’m sure she did. She must have freaked. I do remember her going out and searching the grounds for him, finally finding him playing on the huge tractor tire that was there for us to climb on.

Sometimes these memories come to me at the oddest times, but this must have been triggered by Lila wanting to go outside and Logan unlocking the door for her. Thankfully, I caught them and stopped her. Lila can’t reach the lock yet, but if she could, or if she got the idea to put the stool there and open it, she would be out faster than a bolt of lightening.
I’ve had Logan take off before, racing out of the yard and into the street as fast as his feet could carry him. Once he went around the block before someone caught him and brought him back. Another time he went out without me knowing and it was only when a construction worker from the house down the street brought him back that I realised he had been gone. He had been playing in the sandpile in front of the house. I shudder to think what could have happened to him, since, even though this is a residential area, traffic is high and just as fast as on the main roads.
Even though when they play cricket with daddy he sends them down to get the ball, they have to understand that they can’t just leave the house on their own whenever they feel like it. It may take time, but I guess drumming it into them day after day will ensure that they will remember to stay inside and not let each other out. And I just remembered, the other day Lila let Scarlett crawl out and shut the door on her. Arg. I can’t keep up with this girl’s antics. Good thing I saw it or Scarlett would have fallen down the stairs.

Maybe I should just get a lock installed at the top of the door.

Mom, I’m sure you remember that time. Wanna tell us your version of it?

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  1. I don't remember that time. I might have been out working, but the good thing is you all made it to adulthood save and sound & turned out to be great kids. Your a good mommy, Mercy, & it will keep getting easier, (I think) as they get older. Ha! They sure do look great.

  2. i dont remember that either,.. oh yeah i wasn't born yet. Anyhow.. My kids get out now and then too. Last time I was extremly exhausted and accidently fell asleep in the middle of the day.. thing was when i knocked out they were asleep too… or I thought they were. ha .I wake up to kids laughing and yelling outside.. apparently Brian told Keith and SOnny that I had given him and the little ones permission to go outside. Anabelle was safely stuck in her crib thankfully. We have a fence in our yard because its a townhouse, and Anabelle gets out that back sliding door sometimes when the others leave it open and i dont catch it… she just crawls out and starts getting muddy and cold until i catch her.. never been over a few minutes.

  3. Wow, Sis, they sure keep you busy. Sometimes I wonder how you manage. I've done the sleeping-while-kids-are-awake thing too.Good thing your yard is fenced in. Ours is too, but since so many others live on the property, the gate is always open with people coming and going.

  4. Hi,all I remember about that incident with steve was"my heart was in my mouth",when I found him all I could do was thank God and cry a happy cry! I don't remember saying anything to you, probably didn't need to even if I did!You were a real mommy by seven!! Oh, by the way, I fell asleep more then once with you guys but the most that happened was I'd wake up with all of you on the bed with me! Mom


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