My Thoughts on India, part 5

Indian Food, part 2

One of my favorite of Indian snack foods is chaat. It comes in many varieties all over the country and is a common street food. Of course, it is not recommended for foreign visitors to eat from roadside stalls, since they often use tap water for cooking and for sauces that won’t be cooked, so you would have to get it from a good restaurant or hotel, but don’t miss it.
I’ve eaten both the home made and restaurant made varieties and I have to say chaat is delicious in all its forms. The main fill ingredients are potato, onion, tomato, chickpeas, yoghurt, and sauces. I like the tamarind sauce best. These are served over something that looks like a cracker, or inside something that looks like a puffed chip. As you can see from this picture, it can also be sprinkled with corriander leaves and those little stick thingies (terrible that I don’t know the real names of these things). But I can safely say that the taste makes up for my lack of knowledge of the names of such things.
A chaat stall on the road.


Another food I enjoy is the paratha, which is simply chapathi dough stuffed with vegetables and rolled thick, then fried. I made some aloo (potato) paratha for lunch today and everyone, including Scarlett, enjoyed them. I served them with yoghurt to dip in and carrot sticks (Logan’s top favorite veggie. He will grab carrots at the local veggie shop and bite into them right from the bin. Eeek. At least the owner thinks he’s cute and lets him get away with it while I make him stop since they aren’t clean.) There are many varieties of paratha – potato, veggie mix, even paneer. If they weren’t so filling I would probably eat too many of them at once.
Dislikes – well, there aren’t too many things here I won’t eat, but there are a few.
– Dishes that are too spicy, the ones that make you feel you could breathe fire after eating them and that make your eyes and nose run. They usually taste great but you suffer for it with pain in your mouth, throat, stomach, and later bowels. It usually isn’t worth the pain.
– Cardamom. This little spice flavors many Indian dishes both savory and sweet, but I have never taken a liking to it. It is even used in tea. Eww.
– Fish dishes. Fish is already one of my least favorite foods. I won’t eat it in a curry; the taste actually turns my stomach. The problem I face? I married a fish lover and fish curry is one of his all time favorite foods. He buys fish weekly from a guy who brings it to the door on his bicycle, so I have learned to cook it for him and the kids. They like it too. Once in a while I eat a little of it fried but more often than not I skip it. Oh, and if the head is still attached I won’t touch it, ever! It has to be sliced and cleaned and no head in sight. Usually parts of the head are in the bag and they freak me out, so I learned to use the tongs to take them out and I give them to the cats that wander the yard.
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  1. Aren't those chow mein noodles on top? I don't like cardamom either.

  2. No, they are some savory snack.

  3. You're making me hungry! I just tried Indian food for the first time this summer and had buttered chicken. It was divine. 🙂

  4. Ha ha. Not noodles. Those stick things are called 'bhujia' made from rice and potato paste plus spices, all squeezed through tiny holes.Have fun.

  5. Butter chicken is wonderful. One of my favorites.Tks. Anonymous, for the insight. I'd better reread all those package lables at the store again. I love all the different savory snacks.

  6. I'm with you on the fish. Yuck. Thankfully, my partner feels the same way.Me, I love Chicken Tikka with raita. And pakoras. Yum!


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