Things I Learned After I Became a Mommy

 This is just a random collection of things I have learned that are good for a laugh or that may even be informative.

#1 It is impossible to keep my house clean and picked up 100% of the time … and I shouldn’t feel bad about it.

#2 No matter how much I shout, my kids won’t hear me unless they want to.

#3 It is possible to tidy up, cook, eat and type while nursing my baby.

#4 Making my children’s beds is a waste of my time. The same goes for picking up toys and books.

#5 Don’t iron something until you plan on wearing it.

#6 Banana stains clothes instantly and no amount of scrubbing will get it out.

#7 It is totally possible to live on coffee and fresh air.

#8 Kids are happy to read the same story night after night for months on end, whereas I want to hide the book and pretend I don’t know where it is after 3 or 4 readings.

#9 A mommy’s best friends are locks, high shelves, earplugs, coffee, and vodka.

#10 Three-year-old boys talk about their penies waaaay to much.

What things have you learned after becoming a mommy? I will post your answers on my next list.

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  1. I love this!I've learned to just do my best and let the rest go.

  2. Number 10 really cracked me up. Three boys in my house, so I hear so much penis talk!

  3. Yep, those are indeed life lessons in mommyland. I've learned that kids will end up using anything as face vream. Including yogurt and peanut butter.

  4. From one vodka drinker to another, great list. Visiting from WOE

  5. Excellent list!See also "Kids like to eat. Constantly. Resign yourself to the role of "Perpetual Snackmaker" now and save yourself a whole lotta heartache."

  6. Really? Banana stains? That's so weird. Now I know!

  7. Love your posts! Can't wait to read more. I just started following your blog and even though we are on our third child … you can always learn something new! I am also awarding you the Liebster Blog award. Check out my post from today "I am so honored" to see where I linked up to your blog! Happy blogging! 🙂


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