It’s Almost Time

Only one more month and we will be celebrating two birthdays: Logan’s and Scarlett’s. See the tickers over there? Yep, their birthdays are only one day apart. Logan’s is on the 11th and Scarlett’s is on the 13th of November. I’m still trying to decided whether to celebrate them together or separately so how about a list of pros and cons?

If celebrated together:

Only have to make one cake
Can invite the same guests
Only have to plan one party

Logan might not feel his day is special

If celebrated separately:

Can give each child separate attention
Could honor local tradition of having a large 1st birthday party for Scarlett
May be able to count Logan’s class party as his party and still only need to plan for one

Extra work for me, having to make 2 cakes, plan 2 parties, etc.

Hmm…, I find it interesting that I can only think of one con for each. Ha. In Logan’s school they always celebrate each child’s birthday with a cake and little party. The people we’d invite will already be there; he just wouldn’t get any gifts from his guests as that isn’t allowed at school.
I was asking him what he want for his birthday the other day, and he wants something to play music. Well, I don’t mind encouraging music but I would have to find a sturdy toy instrument that won’t break easily. He is extremely rough on his toys and has broken more toys, books and puzzles than I can count.
I also have to consider that Lila might be feeling left out with all the attention on the other two, so I plan on getting her a little gift as well. I don’t think I will need to do this every year, but this year for sure.
Ok, well, I still haven’t come to a conclusion but I do have time to think about it. You’ll hear about it when it happens.

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