Look Who Thinks He Knows Best

Logan has reached the point in life when kids begin to notice when someone is doing something wrong (real or imagined) and has started reporting to me what he sees. Usually it is just little things, like what Scarlett is putting in her mouth or something Lila is getting into. Nothing big, but most of the time helpful things that I would miss if he didn’t catch them, plus the occasional report on Lila to get her into trouble so he can have his way.
But he also thinks he needs to report on daddy … .

The other day I served popcorn for snack and gave Logan and Lila strict instructions to not give any to Scarlett. Lila loves to feed Scarlett so I have to be clear about which foods she can’t have. I left them at the table and went to hang the laundry.
Glad was home and had sat to eat with them, so I didn’t go in right away when I heard Logan calling me. I finished hanging the laundry and as soon as I got in, Logan piped up with, “Daddy is giving popcorn to Scarlett and you said no.” Ha. He, of course, wasn’t giving her the whole thing, just the soft part, but Logan was convinced daddy was breaking my rule and felt it was his job to point it out to me.

I still can’t believe this rascal will be 4 next month!

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  1. The tattle tale stage cracks me up!

  2. Cute, maybe school has also been an influence in this telling on others. Nana


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