Logan’s Annual Day

Friday evening was Logan’s first school annual day event. He had two duties: present a gift to the chief guest and perform a song with his class. He did fine with the gift as his teacher helped him, but when it came time for the song, even though daddy was there next to him, he didn’t perform. He just kind of flopped through it and wasn’t interested in doing it. Then later, when he had to sit with me for the rest of the show, he was mad cause he couldn’t stay with his teacher and kept asking for her.
Here we are all decked out, waiting to leave. The taxi was late so we played with the Facebook webcam for taking your own profile pic.

We had a good time at the show. It wasn’t easy keeping Lila and Scarlett in our seats for so long (almost 3 hours), but with some toys, lots of snacks, and some dances from the little kids, they lasted. Scarlett is into dancing now and she jumped on my lap for most of the show, plus I had to keep Lila from running after daddy as he was the coordinator for the entire event and was all over the place, so it wasn’t relaxing for me, but I enjoyed being out of the house nonetheless.

These were taken at home after we got back. Logan is wearing his costume. I’d never put a shirt like that on him.

And this is an update, here is Logan on stage with his class, taken by the hired photographer.
Logan is far right – with daddy trying to prompt him.


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  1. They are very cute. Trying to keep kids calm and entertained for 3 hours is no easy feat.

  2. 3 hours! That is crazy long!

  3. Hi Mercy your photos are so beautiful, you look gorgeous! Oh so pretty!The kids are cute but you are outstanding! Keep the photos coming, its time for a new one of you and Glad!Mom


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